I was staying this Christmas at Spacio San Juan Shopping Cuyo Day


A new toast at the end of the year is coming closer and this is also a & # 39; bringing a meeting together with people of love, fill the feeling of love and joy. We know how important it is to & # 39; share good minutes with family, with friends
and to enjoy you have a special place, San Juan Espacio San Juan.

The re-gathering was good coffee with those who did not see many, at Martinez Café and Havanna, enjoying ponds, dining or dining at McDonalds, Gorumet, Pizza Questa, Loins Betos, Subway, Chia, Portho Gelatto, the family have been watching a good movie at CPM Cinema, or a. Playland has a great fun, some of the things you can be in your place.

In addition, our prestigious motives offer banking offers and increase
give and give you:

Prüne – Akiabara – Tucci – Cher – Rhapsody – Caro Cuore – Paula Cahen D & #;; Anvers – Grimoldi
Wanama / John L. Cook – Sarkany – Mimo & Co. – Cheeky – Grisino – Muaa – Markova – Inidiastyle
Main Bhiscayne – Eva Miller – Wrangler – Kevingston – Lee – Garzon Garcia – Bensimon – Spot
Owoko – Tifra – Heben – Outside
Company Toys – Summit – Musimundo – Urras Al Allende – Arredo – Ahimsa Travel
Samsung – Simmons – Nissan – Umara – Westcom – Homedic – Yekutiel Perfumeria
Sensation Sweet – Hector Montilla – Enjoy Me – Safari Tour – Mg2 – Lola Cocucci Gruagaire

In addition, Santa Claus will not lament her & # 39; Visit the shopping center and on its trip to every child
he can take a picture with him and make a small note to hang on each home's tree, in the following days:
– Saturday 8, 15 and 22/12 7pm to 10pm
– Sunday 10, 16 and 23/12: 5pm to 10pm
– Wednesday 19/12: 7pm to 10pm
– Thursday 13 and 20/12: 7pm to 10pm

And on the days Santa Claus is sleeping, every child can take a picture of their three, as well as having their children, make her cart:
– Friday 14 and 21/12: 5pm to 10pm
– Monday 24/12: 5pm to 10pm

There is a lot to do and you can not lose it. Come to live this Christmas your place.

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