I will not respond to the officer "Galatasaray" .. I try to achieve goals with "Crescent


Gomez: I will not respond to the official "Galatasaray" .. My goals I want to achieve with "Crescent

Published in Al-Kharj today on 18-11 – 2018

The French-speaking guardian, Pavitembe Gomez, refused to make a disagreement by the vice president of the Galatasaray Turquoise, Abdul Rahim al-Bayraq, in a statement posted on his social networking page "Twitter" in response to news before returning to the Turkish league.
"In the first instance, I'm convinced that I will not dispute with his sports manager at Galatasaray Abdul Rahim al-Bayrak, because I have goals and I am I hope to achieve it with my own team, "said Gomez in a statement.
"Secondly, Galatasaray fans will have a lack of respect, and I do not let anyone worry about me, but I can not talk to anyone who probes my integrity. " According to "above".
"As the time goes over, the truth will appear."
It is worth noting that both party statements, "the player and the control of their Turkish club" appeared after the shift out of his & # 39; a band after the player who opposed his club for money, and responded to a president; Turkish club had the technical decision to decide, as well as the administrative department.

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