"I would like to represent another country," said Fialkova in a biathlon that did not; She could not be in the new season


Bratislava, November 19, 2018 (HSP / Photograph: SITA / Martin Medňanský)

Due to the finances, administrative errors and the problems between the Biathlon Federation and the Dukla Arm Sports Center (VŠC), there is a danger that the officials of Slócaig, Paulina Fialková and her sister Ivona will not be considered in the coup. new. We have reported the problem in this article.

Pictured by a Slovak biathlete Paulina Fialková

On Sundays, Fialk also spoke openly, saying that if he did not join a new season, he might have been a career in 26 years when he went to another country like Slovakia.

"I want you to thank them all in those sad times for me for the great number of positive sources and optimism that you show me. I also value sponsored by the Dukla Armachd Sports Center in addition to the Minister of Defense Petr Gajdoš, who is always on the side of Soviet athletes, "said a restaurant that finished the 32th spot in the World Cup in the season last.

"I want to say a lot about the number of biatlon fans I want to represent another country: although I have the right to represent my country, I will not represent a country I've never been in Slovakia. I want to finish my career soon and start the second one, in a field I've just learned, "Paulina Fialk wrote on the social network .

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