Ibex 35, live: the Stock Exchange rises more than 1% of its bank to and # 39; deal with the 9,100 Margaidean


Some of the reassurance in the markets is followed by support from the EU countries for the prior approval of Brexit. It has been prevented by the first obstacle and, although there are many others, progress has been made in reaching order from United Kingdom; European club. After the recent falls, and more relaxed in terms of Brexit and also in Italy, the Ibex 35 to return home: a & # 39; accelerated after opening and rising by 1.8%, and reach the 9,100 points.

There are twelve values ​​rising by more than 2%, by ACS, The Santander, The Banking and Telephone to her head. The rest of the banks also record important enhancements. A company is not listed red at this time. ArcelorMittal records the minimum increase of 0.28%.

Therefore, the index will include a 9,000 level after falling below 8,900 days ago. For Link Securities surveys, "we are able to do so bargain hunters they begin to take into account values ​​that offer a possible increase in & # 39; Growing results after the sharp fall in their prices, with many opportunities, and valuations are much more attractive than just a few months ago ".

The Prime Minister of Britain, Theresa May, begins on Monday to protest to the House of Commons electors to vote on Brexit's agreement, after obtaining permission from European countries this weekend. From now on, the British Parliament's turn is allowed to approve the agreement or not. However, the political division within which the final section of the divorce divorced is complex. The note is very low: up 0.04% against the dollar to $ 1.2818.

On the face of Italy, an Italian Deputy Prime Minister and the Irish Premier leader, Mateo Salvini, have said that the Italian budget can be changed, rejected by Brussels. The AdnKronos Salvini group said: "No one is in place [en el objetivo del 2,4%]If there is a budget for the country to grow, it can be 2.2% or 2.4%. "The danger in Italian danger it falls 15 points and is set up to 300, up to 296. bond reduced to 3,312% from the previous 3,449%. In Spain, the risk will fall by three points to 128 points, with a & # 39; phone at 1.637%.

The eyes are now on November 30 and December 1, when the G20 conference is held in Buenos Aires. In the framework of international communications, it is expected that two-dimensional meetings will be held parallel, and investments will be very aware of the person who resides the US president Donald Trump with his company Chinese, Xi Jinping.

In raw materials, Brent oil returns to be part of the last week's loss. The barrel of misconception lasts around 2% and a & nbsp; including the 60 dollars. Recent small pressures are coming from a & # 39; expects a higher and slow supply of demand, which could be made up over the next year's market.

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