Ibovespa grows faster with Vale and Petrobras; $ 3.76 dollar


SOME PAUL – After the markets opened in New York, the Ibovespa sent out the uncertainty of uncertainty at the beginning of the session and slowly accelerated, in the movement of new declines of investors emerging in more energy materials, the main part of Vale.

Although the stock markets of the US have a leading start of commerce, the demandable increase in the dollar around the globe is particularly encouraging. At 1:40 p.m., the Ibovespa worked in a 1.52% decline, at 93,891 points, after going to # 39; At the lowest rate of 93,809 points. The financial money is R $ 3.2 billion.

Vale ON was accelerating lower today and 2.27% fell, and # 39; pulled by Bradespar (-2.36%), who is a shareholder of the miner. The largest drop in Sabesp ON (-4.53%), is still frightened, registered in a bank's report today, that the company's alliance is more likely than privatization – something what's frighten the investor in terms of corporate governance and lower capacity to value asset.

But the falls are also spread across different sectors, including banks – Bradesco ON is a 1.86% drop and Bradesco PN output 1.14%; Itaú Unibanco PN works at a low of 1.26%. Petrobras also goes into the negative range: NO will be done; 1.20% loss and NP is down by 1.55%.

"The Ibovespa has opened up with great strength and it's hard for me to play in the Vale at that time. Here at the restaurant house, my clients have a & # 39; avoiding this property, "said Ari Santos, operating manager of H.Commcor. "The adverse effects of the iron can not hold the stock as it was pulled at the opening because its company is still included in doubts about the time her future. "

"A man about arresting the president of Vale [Fabio Schvartsman] focus on the most optimistic promises for the time, even though the company's basic benefits are a n; benefit directly from the price and mining price, "said Álvaro Frasson, an analysis of Necton, which also reports on hazards with dams of another company in areas near urban centers.

Investors are not even more clear on the political face, waiting for improvements that are going on; including government efforts and efforts to reform benefits. If there are no builders on this face and with the emergence of the oversight of the door abroad, investors will make more stock market protection.

In a report to clients last week, Verde Asset says he has a positive position on the varied Brazilian income based on two columns: one that is both global and structured.

"Although everyone is happy with the structure (and this is obviously very important), the return of a round revitalization is enhanced, and should be shown throughout the year in the growth of corporate profit, and stock market, "the report says. "The reform process would have a good effect to expand life all the time."


The dollar is rising to capture the move in the major global markets. Concerns about the Sino-SA trade warfare and the threat to US military service detainees are a situation for a day that is not so favorable for markets that are in the marketplace. emerging.

The rise of the dollar, in global conditions, is also an eye on a focus in Europe. The pound is slowly declining today in a move that is going on. Demonstrates the investors' responsibility for the next steps in the UK-EU sector and the yield is slightly lower than expected from the British GDP startout in the fourth quarter.

At the same time, the dollar has already accumulated three high-quality follow-up sessions and, when R $ 3.75 passes, attracts some correction. Director of Wagner Investimento, José Faria Junior, says that it is an opportunity to sell better, indeed, the range of R $ 3.75. "Our range of money is between R $ 3.65 and R $ 3.80 and should break some of these places a stronger move," he said.

Around 1.45 pm, the commercial dollar was 0.82% at R $ 3.7631. The contract for times for converted March, was sold at R $ 3.7635, up 0.76%.

"A continuing occupation tendency should continue to maintain a small tendency of the dollar today, over R $ 3.72 / US $ To close, this change should be slow but exchange over R $ 3.70 / US $, "headwriter writing GO Associados, Eduardo Velho.

For the leader of the Coinvalores strategy, Paulo Nepomuceno, the exchange rate should be lower, in theory. But the dollar is coming to an end; including the shift of the world and, here, there is still a resolution with pension and health reform to President Jair Bolsonaro, get on from surgery. "You can not get out of a dollar sale in any way, I think you're able to give the prize, but we have to go to; hitting the team before, or so we can see strange jobs, "he said.

At home, museums are closely related to the news about pension reform and health situation President Jair Bolsonaro. According to the Value Bolsonaro has given more attention to the redevelopment projects that he has identified so far, and he believes that the idea is easy to set 62 the lowest age for men and 57 for women.

According to the routes, Bolsonaro has ensured that the reform needs to consider the regional differences in the country and, for example, it is difficult to establish 65 years in Piauí, where Life expectancy is 69. "The president can interfere with the management of the above criteria, for Benefit, not life expectancy at birth, but is expected to be At the age of 65, "Experts say. "The Brazilian states have expected to survive at the age of 65, over 80," they are adding.

These parameters are deeper than those surveyed in the draft that went down to the media. According to that sketch, the 65 is the lowest age recommended for men and women, unlike. Market partners had already made a warning that it would be difficult to go to # 39; developing more deeper features and, for the time, there was nothing in rugs in Brazil, although there is a caring confidence.

First Minister, Onyx Chapman Lorenzoni today said Bolsonaro must be taken out of Albertine's Hospital on Thursday or Friday. Onyx statement states that the final proposal for pension reform is waiting to return to the # 39; Of Congress.


Promotion initiatives in interest rates continue in today's trading session. DI January 2021 from 7.25% in previous adjustment to 7.27% was dated January 2025 from 8.88% to 8.91%.

The market is the interest of those who have gathered more rigorous improvement in the last few months with a view to reform reform; pensioner. Now, with uncertainty about this move in focus, it is the resource that shows its & # 39; correct correction. "We are an advanced news about the progress in Bolsonaro's health and we saw assets in China performing well when the holidays returned. But we still have enough incredible situations about conversations and China-US uncertainty about pension reform, "a & # 39; one operator. chose not to be known.

Buy 6 January / 2020 at 6.53% (6.52% in previous change).

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