Ibovespa launches nearly 3% on expensive work and the highest rise in 10 days


Register of investment

SO PAULO – Ibovespa had a strong benefit to the episodes of Petrobras (PETR3, PETR4), among the hard work stories. Their understanding of banks, such as Banco do Brasil (BBAS3), Itaú Unibanco (ITUB4) and Bradesco (BBDC4), who are returning from the reduction in previous sessions, Supporting the increase in the index. The dollar dropped for the first time in five trading sessions with a Bank; Central.

The Ibovespa closed 2.74%, at 87,887 points, and a financial measure of R $ 14.65 billion. The comparative dollar recorded a 1.05% decrease, which was announced at R $ 3,877 for sale, and the future contract that was close in December with a decrease of 1.61%, to R $ 3,875, after your BC rop was held after a 2.5% loss of the previous day.

The strong rally yesterday has become among more extensive overseas resources, which are similar to the end of the year, adding value to materials and also its. look at Jair Bolsonaro's government proposals. In the trade session today, a Central Bank initiative was paid by a & # 39; indicates that the financial authority is ready to work at times more market confidence.

It is hoped that he could start work again, with the next step to retrieve a member of $ 1.25 billion – already in stock a few months ago – during the start of December.

In Brazil, the data on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the country amounted to $ 10.382 billion in October, higher than expected. market. However, it is worth noting that foreigners have taken money from the stock exchange in the past weeks. Only in November, to day 23, the B3 result was in a R $ 4.1 billion order.

Above, the ground floor is about sustainability for US markets and for European stock, with its marketplace; look at the US president's warnings about the results of the prospect of finishing a fire in a trade war with China. Donald Trump said he should continue to plan to raise targets against Chinese results with $ 200 billion.

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Amongst material, the day is falling to copper, length & # 39; Brent oil is near sustainability after a $ 60 down trade and the market is G20 monitors in Buenos Aires, where it is expected to meet with leaders from leading representatives such as Saudi Arabia, Russia. There are European heavyweight stocks; an iron ore is down for its 4th day in China, with a decline in the country's mills profit.

Corporate news

Petrobras parties left more and more than 5% after the President of the Eunice Oliveira (MDB-CE) states that a contract with regards to making the defense is very close to voting at home.

Accordingly, the case will be sent to a vote when there is an agreement that allows to vote on his / her. project has been making suppression and sharing of billionaire facilities with states and towns. It is expected that his vote will be held this week.

Some of the elders who claim a statement are to # 39; submitting to the text that 20% of the facilities built in the store for more than oil will be shared with states and towns.

On the other hand, Fibria and Suzano papers finished falling within the dollar's fall.

The highest elevation is one of the sections that make up the Ibovespa:

Code. Active Cot R $ Day % Year Vol1
CPLE6 COPEL PNB 32.38 +9.02 +30.31 46.08M
MGLU3 MAGAZ LUIZA AIR 168.77 + 6.70 +110.96 237.19M
FLRY3 FUILIM AIR 21.24 + 6.41 -25.78 34.79M
B3SA3 B3 AIR 28.06 +6.33 +25.98 330.64M
SMLS3 SMILES AIR 41.95 + 5.80 -41.83 49.69M

The biggest casualties are among the sections that make up the Ibovespa:

Code. Active Cot R $ Day % Year Vol1
SUZB3 SUZANO PAPELON 37.01 -2,32 +98.98 131.63M
CIEL3 CIELO AIR 8.60 -1.71 -60,91 258.46M
FIBR3 FIBRIA AIR 71.03 -0.89 +49.45 77.65M
NATU3 NATURA AIR 38.25 -0.73 +16.83 54.99M
GGBR4 GERDAU PN ED 14.70 -0.68 +21.61 199.31M
* – A full mile
1 – In Reais (K – Thousands | M – Millions B – Billing)

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