Ice and flow mode: has a side next to the Mercedes-AMG A 45 (+ video).


a & # 39; New Mercedes-AMG A 45, the radiator-made Mercedes, gets closer and closer to the streets and for this reason the German company shows us what today's sport is. After ice, an interesting way of showing what he offers. a new wheelchair driving system with Drift Method. With two positive species and more than 400 HP for the most powerful, t the Mercedes-AMG A45 aims to be the king of the hot ark and according to this new video, there are likely to be no arguments lost.

The new A45 will be able to send up to 100% of the torch to just one of the back wheels

In this new video Mercedes-AMG shows us how he will be able to work 4MATIC + all-wheel drive system developed by AMG specifically for Class A, GLA and CLA range.. We are talking about a system that promises to make this behavior more fun with this generation by using a negative difference between control and a beacon vector control system.

But there is still more. AMG has designed this whole wheel drive system to change its character to receive a response as a result of the various drivers and customization options used by its electronic controls. In this way, Mercedes-AMG already confirmed that she had A wielded Drift method passing behind the Mercedes-AMG A 45 which contributed 100% of the torch to one of the rear wheels.. To contribute to this, this system will seek to take a further step out of the Ford Focus RS philosophy, which is the fashionable vehicle of driving.

His exhibition remains secret, although the New York motorcycle program is getting stronger on 19 April. What we do know is that by the end of 2019 we can see the Mercedes-AMG A 45 on the streets.

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