Ice hockey: opposing SCL tigers Game 7 against Lausanne


Langnau is identical to the series Lausanne. On Saturday, the legendary game of Lac Leman.

SCL Tigers – Lausanne 4: 2 (Series: 3: 3)

SCL Tigers got a game at home for Tuesday on Tuesday 5-1 in Lausanne. This was sold within 30 minutes the next day and sold almost 100,000 francs to the table. The problem? Langnauer lost both games at home so far. So Captain Pascal Berger said beforehand: "We can't feel that we need to deliver a presentation in front of our fans. We need to play a new game away from the liver."

And that is what the Emmenthals understand from the beginning. Chris DiDomenico, who always managed to take control of the world, will press against each other, removing Genazzi defenders and climbing the bull. T The overall aim of the project was 42 seconds. Because he is doing this with the skate, the tracks look at the video summary for a video. The horizontal issue, but the blows count.

When Dostoinow goes round Moy and does that 2-0, the Lowland full of people will come into a dairy house. This changes after 2: 1 in third volume, because Neukom carried the disc with his helmet into his own goal. It is then lightly shot in front of the Tigers Gate. But in the face of the game Nolan Diem meets for 3: 1. After the double strike on Tuesday, the old Lausanne youth has met twice in two games as in previous 51 met. this season together.

After a four-minute visit from Bertschy before the end of Langnauen, the magnificent cauldron, which passes after Pesonen 4, begins: 2 in a hollow gate the massive release. In this series, Tigers will call Lausanne to the last thing, on Saturday he comes in Prilly to the big performance.

Best: Chris DiDomenico (SCL Tigers). Is that an impeller that Langnauer needs such a hard thing.

The plum: Tyler Moy (Lausanne). The population at 0: 2 by Dostoinow will be depressed.

objectives: 1. (0:42) DiDomenico (Lardi, P. Berger) 1: 0. 12. Dostoinow (Leeger) 2: 0. 26. Emmerton (Kenins / Neukom's own goal) 2: 1. 38. Diem (Leeger, Glauser) (B) Bertschy (Grossmann, Junland / PP) 3: 2. 59. Pesonen 4: 2 (enter blank objective).

Here you can read the game in the box!

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