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Last year there is an annual ice sculpture festival in Jelgava. Organizers are still counting the visitor number, but it is clear that there were sculptures of thousands of people viewing the image. And maybe next year, cartoon shows in Lielupe and Driksas will be displayed. contribute to the festival entertaining.

Many people came to see the glorious sculptures of the Jelgava Ice Festival on the third day. Visitors have tight temperatures, but they were not good for sculptures, and many have come to light. For some visitors this is the most interesting.

"Again, another form will be created when it is poured out. It's interesting," said Guntis, the festival visitor.

"It's cool that the difference would be from, for example, a stone as it would have a long effect on those designers. So the factor is only a few days and there is not anything, maybe This is the most interesting, most different from the rest, "Andris, another visitor.

Others visit the festival each year with their family.

"We visit every year, as every year, but the weather is not so cool, so today there are yellow boots today. But the positive feelings are. [..] The child liked the shark icon. He has a basking shark, "said Liga.

Lots of liturgical languages ​​are heard in the event, which is not surprising. It is only about an hour from Siauliai to Jelgava. 8 sec

"Lithuanians are interested in festivals not only in Lithuania but also in Latvia. These are amazing, but they are unhappy that they are so warm, so the life of the textiles is not too long, "said Zita.

The Jelgava Ice Festival is expanding annually and future plans are ambitious. Already this year, it was considered using the Drick ice cream close to karting walks.

"Security is essential. Organizational work, indeed, has been a long time and we did not implement it this year, but probably next year [būs] not just cards, but also skijorings, which are a motorcycle and behind their spiral in the rope. One and the other river could be used. We hope this, "said Mintauts Bashkevich, director of the Jelgava Photography Fair.

"I mean from the beginning as shows, but I have been in China, Harbin, where they have a large river. Then, visitors can apply for drift, they can go on carriage with different snowboards, "he tells of the idea.

If the sculpture succeeds with warm weather and water, they can see one or two patients on Tuesday from the island. Weather projections over the next few days are not particularly favorable for carvings.

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