ICO performance in Q3 2018 showed & # 39; General Detectiveness, & Scenes of Inspection


Achievement Source Origin (ICO) was partially marked by "total disappointment" in the third quarter of 2018, according to a review by an ICO analysis company published by 15 November.

As the report says, Q3 2018 saw that 597 ICOs built more than $ 1.8 billion, in particular a value lower than the $ 8.3 billion rebate reported in & # 39; fourth quarter. The investment in Capital Venture (VC) capital funding for block projects has been similarly similar.

In the report, the average income (ROI) investment (ROI) is of -22 per cent in Q3 2018. The report states:

"The only mark + 49.32% is in the first quarter and -55.38% in the 2nd quarter."

Management is partly marked as a cause to end a decline, with its Increasingly increasing this fundraising method by the Trust Authorities and the Exchange Commission (SEC) to & # 39; putting "hundreds" of projects at risk.

In June this year, the chairman of the SEC said that although Bitcoin (BTC) is not regarded as security, most of the ICO indicators may require their distributors to be registered with a & # 39; The Commission.

During Q3 – from July to September 2018 – ICO funding in general has fallen by 48 per cent. A greater fall of more than 78% was recorded in September – the last quarter of the third quarter – compared to May, mid-second season.

ICO funding and success

ICO funding and success. Map Unlock (Open)

The ICORating report also reported that 57 per cent of ICO projects that raised money in C3 were unable to get more than $ 100,000.

Out of all of the tokens sold to investors during ICO in C3, just completed 4 per cent on exchange, compared to 7% of recordings in Q2 of this year, ICORating notes.

The report also reports that 19 per cent of "previously mentioned ICO projects" in C3 have deleted their websites and social media accounts, accounting for 10% more than in the second quarter. Those projects that disappeared after the construction of 3% cash accumulation of the total ICO fund in C3, Approximately $ 62.1 million, according to the report.

The research also addresses the levels at which projects will; starting their ICOs: of all the projects included in the Q3 audit, the "level of thought" was 76.15 per cent when they run the ICO – an additional 18.72 per cent than in the # 39; fourth quarter.

When it comes to the platform's choice for the sale of donors, Ethereum still lives in a king with 83.75 per cent of ICOs and choose to release the signal on the blocks.

Looking wider on its & # 39; year, ICO's market has been changing, and # 39; Record two peaks for both projects and the capital number built in December 2017 and March 2018.

As Cointelegraph said earlier, money raised by ICOs through October increased by 26 per cent compared to September, from $ 403.1 million to $ 508.54 million, despite just 54 projects on $ 1 or more.

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