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One of the films Dragon Ball Z we introduced us to the original planets of the Saiyan and the character of Bardock, a warrior who presents a prophecy against to ice cream and sent his son Kakarrot to the planet planet to save it. Also, this story will be restored in the new movie Dragon Ball Super and we look like a new character, Goku's mother, Gine.

At present some features of conceptual images are characterized and a little bit of information about his personality. We know that it will be defined by Naoko Watanabe, who has already worked for Dragon Ball Milk (Chi-chi) and Puar, we also know that he is systematic in the race saiyajin and has a kind personality, which is an unusual feature in the warrior race, maybe They are Goku Did he get this from his mother?

It should be noted this character is already from the Dragon Ball Minus Dragon, since the film gives some scenes, for example Bardock and Gine say animated to Kakarotto with the same words as the search.

In other news, Akira Toriyama's official leader of the Dragon Ball Super mammals that Toyota, who is the official commander of Akira Toriyama, has been surprised by everyone since Goku was lost in the one who fell by a character recent reduction in recent times.

About Dragon Ball Super: Broly

The movie "Dragon Ball Super: Broly " will be released 14 December in Japanese cinema and its English-style version is expected in our designs January 17

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