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Dragon Ball Super can be a perfect location for you Curly, son Ice cream to appear officially in the development of anime. The new series was edited by Toei Animation Goku and Vegeta even more powerful characters appeared in the town Energy Competition, so things can be harder Curly as a revenge of death of death Ice cream.

What was discussed in these forums? Dragon Ball Super The appearance of a particular character, someone who can expand its & # 39; plan for many more years. It is about it Curly, son Ice cream, the light never seen in the saga Dragon Ball Z, but that was first designed Akira Toriyama.

Curly appears for her first time in the Toriyama manga with the title Neko Majin Z and you can play with him in the Japanese version Dragon Ball Z Budokai 2 for consoles. It is happening that this broadcast is a # 39; extra skin Ice cream and it is, indeed, the same Curly.

It would not be hard to think about that Curly coming in the future Dragon Ball Super, because it was an existing character that was developed by Toriyama Neko Majin Z. Son of man Ice cream given with the intention of seeking revenge for the death of his father. That's when he met the hero Majin and his life is completely changing.

Curly is shown as someone very different from a father, who is fond of being killed to influence Earthly 7. As other characters Dragon Ball Super, Kuriza is a Japanese word game based on "kuri" which translates as "chestnut".

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