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Dragon Ball Super There is a different story crest that has been developed in different times. The soul was ahead of the movie and the film that will be released in a few weeks behind the new paper saga. Something something tough, right?

Dragon Ball Super tells a story that we need to print, because of the show windows that they have developed over the years. The soul is not just an additional source of information about the future plot.

Dancing is as big as Dragon Ball Super that's not when he stops. His main characters' minds have many aspects including the available forms: films, manga and anime.

Sleagh na Dragon Ball Super He has some interesting things that still need to be developed. Remember, in the anime, Goku he has no control Ultra Instinct of devolution, so we thought we would see it in the fight against that Broly, but – according to the new saga – this will not happen to the new manga minds.

The Dragon Ball Super manga will complete its & # 39; Power Competition by introducing a new saga entitled "Prisoner of Galactic Patrol". According to chapter 42, when this new bow starts, Goku and Vegeta are trained once more.

During the training, Vegeta he wants Goku about it Ultra Instinct, and Goku He says he did not get the chance to get from his & # 39; competition. Then Vegeta says "technical without use"since then Goku You can not act satisfactorily, so the two people decide to train more rigorously than ever.

This information is particularly worrying because " There has been time"in the last morning Power Competition and the fight against them Broly in the film Dragon Ball Super. Every time in the manga Goku it is nearer it Ultra Instinct, in order to mention the appointment already that it will be possible to be present again.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly It will open on January 17, 2019 in Lima.

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