Icon for Dragon Ball They will launch one size Vegeta


Christmas comes and we give you children a good gift (and not children). The popular character Dragon Ball Z, The Vegetawill be man who can collect humanity.

This piece of measures measures 2.11 meters higher (higher than the original 1.64 meters) and made by Yume MRC company. There are only 150 units in the world.

The spectacular image of Prince Vegeta comes to Super Saiyan's shape, but it has the option to make a difference in the upper part of the image for traditional black hair.

The price Well, if you're a supporter of the saga and if you want to find out that this is true, we tell you that it will be at a high price: lVegeta units have already been sold at $ 3,999.

In other news, Akira Toriyama's official leader of the Dragon Ball Super mammals that Toyota, who is the official commander of Akira Toriyama, has been surprised by everyone since Goku was lost in the one who fell by a character recent reduction in recent times.

The movie "Dragon Ball Super: Broly " will be released 14 December in Japanese cinema and its English-style version is expected in our designs January 17

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