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Bangkok – November 23 – Hobbies Mahanakorn

First new call. Play Big Calp Every taste. Classes of music. For a musical camp, the strategies for its & # 39; music market by a fun "Mahachon Entertainment" music camp. Under the work of a new generation. And experienced staff. Managed by a talented producer, "Latex Jeans May Whale" and the new generation of activists, "Kittikun Bangchawong" and the "Conveyor Khunteevite" generation. "Tawan Daeng" in line with company policies. It emphasizes the development and development of existing staff in the parent company's organization. The quality of Thai music market.

Today, with the release of her first-featured music video with "5 artists, 5 genres, 5 videos of music, bad enough" through the U2 "Mah Nun Entertainment" channel (Mahason Entertainmant) .

"James the Naughty" – James "Narongsak" Combined with Ceòl Ùr "I do not know what you will do to you,

"Joe Joan Naughty" "Jo – Sharp Sannsund" with a powerful electronic toner clock. With the song "Feuch" Music video with each other "8 November"

"Music rock" Sinatra Mahjong "" Sinatra – Chatchai Kraisi ". Very talented With a lonely Thai rock music" I'm sorry for my sweetheart "with sad videos of music. People who did not forget old fans" 15 November "

"Prantalay", "Praew – Sudaporn Wongjino", a lonely girl with solo song and "Lonely Line" dance, was invited to a single lonely dance girl for simultaneous distribution. "November 22"

The song "Mew-Dhamma Vish Bua Ban" is sad for the song, the reason for many of the people from "love the word", is a music video that explains many reasons. On November 29, "Mahachany Entertainment" is the latest. Meet the army badly with 5 sorcerers. The music video is ready to go through November. Naughty Nationwide on YouTube: Mahason Entertainmant And listen to radio throughout the country, music fans, music from Thailand is a powerful power for the people.

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