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Scientific innovation and dinosaurs are the themes for the Idaho Museum 2019 travel exhibitions, which were announced today on Friday.

"Archimedes: Science & Innovation," will run between January and September, with "Darwin & Dinosaurs" will appear in September and will run through May 2020.

"The ambassador and French listener, Marcel Proust, once said once," The real journey has not been found to include a " looking for new scenes, but by getting new eyes. "It's a real time to find it because the Idaho Museum is looking at the new eyes of amazing two incentives," said Museum Exhibition Rod Roden in a press release .

The museum's exhibition show, "Discover Steampunk," will be open to January 6. The Archimedes exhibition will open in the current place after the closing of three weeks, & # 39; Darwin & Dinosaurs are held in the largest part of the museum, which is built.

Here is the Idaho Museum description on the upcoming shows:

Archimedes: Science & Innovation (25 January, 26)

This exhibition illustrates the work and archeology of Archimedes, Greek mathematics, and these strategies made the old world back. It displays more than 60 items, which & # 39; including the reconstruction of lost technology. Visitors will be challenged to solve puzzles and interact with devices designed in the third century B.C. – Many of them use landscape, wind, and sun rays to create energy.

Visitors can also endeavor the lasting impact of Archimedes through principles that are still used today in mathematics, architecture, and engineering, and through its impact on longer thinking as Leonardo da Vinci and Galileo Galilei . This exhibition is made by Artisans of Florence International.

Darwin & Dinosaurs (September 27-May 31, 2020)

This exhibition brings visitors through a series of 19th century search engines to evolve forever as scientists have done, see the world.

The exhibitions are 13 full carts and a part of continuity bumps as it tells a story as it is; These animals needed to be forced to get involved with their concept of extinction and land that was much older than expected.

Encouraged by this knowledge, Charles Darwin went out on a trip to HMS Beagle who would expose some of the traces that he had; largest earthquake breakdown. In addition to the dinosaurs, the show's major events include 85 rare and fascinating things from Little Beag's life and Darwin's life and work, and an early touchscreen game that plays a long time. shows a natural selection. This exhibition is made by Embedded Exhibitions.

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