Ideas to avoid heat prevention


A heat stroke will take place when the body fits; The loss of water and salt is essential and therefore temperatures have a temperature control problem. It is worth noting, at first, that at the same time it can happen that the heat is problematic or after a few days of high temperatures.

According to the information provided by the Ministry of Health, you must talk to a doctor immediately when you are suffering from the symptoms, which is:

– Temperature exceeding 39º C (measured in machine)
– Many sweating
– Dry skin
– Reduction, tiredness or weakness
– Miseadh or tire
– Stomach pains, flavor, nausea or waulking
– Chemists (feeling by heart or tire)

In the case of babies, they may be suffering from special symptoms such as skin that is extremely superficial with steam in the neck, coffin, chromag, the ulbag and the wonders and humiliation (which is completely crying).

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To stop this, it is important to note the following recommendations:

– Do not have more drinks with caffeine or sugar
– Avoid very cold or very hot drinks
– Avoid heavy food
– Drink plenty of safe water throughout the day
– Reduce physical activity in the hours out of heat.
– Stay in places that are on the air.
– Avoid plenty of food and eat fruit and vegetables.
– Elderly older adults and pregnant women should be able to stay specially fitted and realistic care measures.

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With the youngest, specific steps are to stand out:

– Most often breastfeeding
– When they have more than 6 months, they give them alcohol, especially natural bubbles.
– Take them in hard, light, cotton and light colors or even remove them.
– Feed them and wet the body regularly.
– Put calm games forward to avoid shaking.
– Do not take them to sunshine, especially at noon, or protect them from their effects unless the shower is avoided: using suitable clothing (hooks, slippers long) and sunshine enough.
– Keep them in good air areas or with a rescue ale (either at home or in public areas) when the temperature is fairly high.
– Do not stay with them in a park and locked vehicle.

How do you do an action if it happens?

Quickly, you should try to reduce the temperature of your body with ice or lime in ice water.

It is also important:

– Provide fresh water (or even water with a proportion of salt)
– Move the person to the place of cool and air
– Do not treat fever medication
– Do not put your skin out of alcohol

Heat stroke can be very bad, especially for babies and young children.

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