Identify how women's attacks work in the Metro


An Attorney General's Office in Mexico City (PGJCDMX) has identified more features that respond to allegations to be able to; Trying to make kidnapping near Metro stations: people with dirty clothes, who work in the mornings and who travel in the same car as those who are in the car. suffering, building them during the trip.

They took pictures inside the subway car and the other two themes were placed at the sides, and they started off. record for tracking and see what route it would take, "explained Cristina de la Rosa, Public Prosecutor of the Mixcoac station in Metro capital

Photographs recorded by stalks in the middle of the Metro up in porn sites

The other case of a cellphone-built girl was a cell, but there was only one person in the cell; seat is reserved. She noticed why another woman warned her to take pictures.

The clause invasion They are young men.

Objections tell me that there are men aged between 20 and 25, they have told me they are strong, tall, thin or not. come with dirty clothes, they use subtleties by force, one tells me that only one and the other used it. I was told that there are two other topics, "explained the agent.

Ten days after sending five complaints modules outside the Metro stations, the Mexico City Attorney General's Office has received 15 objections from women on the attack.

As a result of the modules outside the Metro's resources, 15 packages have started, not just the same files that have started in these events, we have 36 complaints In general, of various violent activities around the Metro, "said Nelly Montealegre, a former Victim Support solicitor.

In Martín Carrera's Modules, three complaints were recorded for women's protest, five in the Izpapalapa UAM station model, two in Tacubaya station, three in Coyoacán and two others in the station; a module that was installed outside the Mixcoac station; All of these objections are actively involved in the Research Group 50 and the new specialist Unit for issues of violence of women is present.

The Attorney General's Office said a woman refused to say she had been struggling to clear the event and the two were released.

Yes, it is very unfortunate what happened, but that does not stop us from doing it; investigating other violent actions, and it does not allow us to go to # 39; abolish the other objections, "said Nelly Montealegre, Former Former Applicant for Victims.

In short, the complaint modules will be displayed. move to seasons different

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