Identifying "Asian Lion" at AFF Cup 2018


– Myanmar is full of confidence before leaving Vietnam in the AFF League A 201 2018 Cup, and for the "Combination of Asian Lions" power. "

Ngoc Hai: "Vietnam's defender is definitely locked in Myanmar striker"

Vietnam broke almost in Myanmar because of … water

Myanmar cites Vietnam

Antoine Knowledge Hey

May 5, 1818, the choice of Myanmar Football Club decided to choose Antoine Hey as a national team coach, U23 team.

Coach of Malaysia
Antoine Hey's knowledge is the hope of Myanmar

Shortly after taking over the work, Hey influenced U23 Myanmar in the 2018 Asise Competition in Indonesia, although it had not been in the process of getting through the body.

At that time, the same points at U23 Myanmar had the other challenges in the board as Iran, Korea, Saudi Arabia, but was abolished by bad people in terms of their numbers.

In Indonesia the summer summer, Antoine Hey U23 Myanmar on Corra North went out to 23 races for pull. At the same time, they were very happy to challenge U23 Iran 2-0.

In the four friendly games of Myanmar by Antoine Hey, they all lost. But in two games of AFF Cup 2018, "Asian Lions" won all 6 full points.

Myanmar Team
Myanmar is the AFF Cup 2018 Young People's Confident Team

Antoine Hey has a lot of experience with different football venues. He works from Europe, Asia to Africa. As a player, the Germans played the Bundesliga, as well as their First Division.

Depth of the team and a solution from the mountain

In the two awards of Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos, as well as the script to swim up, Antoine Hey also has a special team: the budget objectives.

Shooting Myanmar seven goals in two games, two of which were made after changes.

Het Phyo Wai
Hetet Phyo Wai was one of the two substituted delegates for Myanmar

At home, in the opening game against Cambodia, the Hetet Aung was sent to her; pitch and the score quickly 2-1, before Myanmar broke, with two other goals at the end of the game.

In Vientiane, another change of the coach Antoine Hey again, with a 2-1 goal. This trip was the Htet Phyo Wai; there.

In addition, the creation opportunities for Htet Phyo Wai, Zin Min Tun, were also created on the bench from the bench.

Arm Aung Thu

One of the key factors for the Burmese confidence of Aung Thu's place – enhancing the country's fans.

Aung Thu
Aung Thu is not a face for the players in Vietnam

In a game against Cambodia, Aung did not get out and even penalties. But it is the inspiration that he will put on the park to the bottom that makes it; swim up.

Laos, Aung, affects the team's team error to achieve the 1-1 equivalent in the # 39; first minute of the first half. So, Myanmar has become fascinating after breaking.

Aung is not so popular with Vietnamese football fans.

Previously, he was a co-competitive for many of the Vietnamese team currently present, at a low level to a national team.

Coach Antoine Hey Aung Thu has a very limited match in the past games, to save the highest energy for the Vietnam fight, and then the trip to Malaysia.

Kim Ngoc

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Dang Van Lam's style and respect to comment on fans of Duong Hong Son – the story for the 2008 AFF Cup competition.

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Indonesian coach Bima Sakti said Thailand was the candidate No. 1 for the 2018 AFF Cup title, not a Vietnam Park Hang Seo team coach.

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Compared to Vietnam, tickets to Cup AFF tickets in Myanmar are cheap, and there are no shoes, jostle or brishes in My Dinh.

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