Idrissa Seck deals with Macky Sall


XALIMANEWS: The money in the country is unbelievable for President Rewmi.
On a trip to Thiarry Mbaor in the Kebemer division, Idrissa Seck said he had taken into account since the first hours of the second political option that Macky Sall did not take on the right road.
This was reinforced, he says, with the current financial challenges facing the country.
According to the president of the Council department, if the government agrees that there is a financial tension, it is the responsibility of the people to take their responsibilities by changing the regime.
Idrissa Seck also complained about the defective state of the road between Guéoul and Thiarry, and is revoked as a lawyer of the numbers since President Abdou Diouf, deliver AS.

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