If it is successful, reference will be made to one of the largest space puzzles


Nexstein Curls, i.e. Imaginative waves can help to resolve conflicts with Hubble that do not yield peace to each respecter and cosmetics that is self-respecting.

The study may examine sparkling scripts created by stopping dead stars as soon as possible to respond to the rapid expansion and fast-moving speed of the Earth – if scientists succeed.

This is the conclusion of a new study that could still help light the closure of the globe, according to researchers.

Since the birth of her 13.8 billion years ago, the place has been increasing. By measuring the current level of global expansion, the Hubble is consistent, as they call it, space scientists can measure space and find out about the current situation. By using this number, they can even try to find out what poem the universe is – it will never grow, fall, fall or fall apart.

The Hubble is consistently measured by scientists in two main ways. The first attempt is to prove the distance of the world, using objects that have a good understanding of humans, such as explosions of stars – supernova and lively stars with fluctuating variables. But the Hubble can also be distinguished by using a cosmic microwave background (KMF). By investigating what is left of this large remains it can measure the room size.

However, these two methods of measurement for the same producer, Hubble Constants, produced different results. Data from KMF indicates that the universe is increasing at a speed of about 67 km / s / mpc, and data from supernovae and quotes show value 73 km / s / mpc.

This inconsistency confirms that the general cosmic model – an understanding of the Earth's structure and history with scientists – is false. The solution to this inequality, known as the Hubble like this, can illuminate the evolution of the universe and the result.

New scientists have made a new study who think that squirrels can find information on earth squirrels – ground waves – to help reverse this puzzle. "Conflict Hubble Constant – the biggest thrust of the show that Infinity of the Universe Model – can be decided in five, ten years," said Space.com that Stephen Feeney, an expert at Institute, is Flatiron in New York.

Based on the General Theory of Elattein of the Relativity, gravity is the result of intense room damage. Anything with a mass of motion should move the moving waves that spread at a light speed and move and measure on its way.

A neutron star is formed when the stars are not falling enough to form a black hole, but the mass is too large to withstand the white star. They are so called because there is a strong gravity connecting proteins to electrons in a neutron. Although it was said more than 100 years ago, suckling waves are extremely weak and just in 2016 when scientists measured them directly. In 2017, scientists discovered the waves of disasters between nuclear fuel and exploded as a supernova star, the neutron stars.

Unlike black holes, neutron stars, as well as striking away from light, clear light. Wave of waves of “common sirens” will help when scientists recognize their distance from Earth, and the light coming through disasters will help to find the distance in the Earth. From this data, the Hubble is able to count the stable Hubble. Feeney and her colleagues say that there will be enough information to make the best estimate for Hubble's life expectancy after the numbers between 50 and another 10 years.

However, this assessment is dependent on the frequency of neutral stars. “It's often not known how often neonron-free union unification – we've only seen one, so far,” said Feeney. “If that union union was a grain of hens? T blind, and that equations may go to a lower level than we think, it may take longer than more than our work to collect the information from these unions. need to explain the conflict of Hubble Constant.

Finally, the graphic waves of one of the versions can be proven, but they can also add a new value, a third value to Hubble's consistency, said Feeney. If this were the case, it might be necessary to revise the existing vision of carrying supernova stars, cefeidi or neutron.

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