"If players did not buy loot boxes, they would not be allowed into games"


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In the latest development of the continuous distribution box in the video gaming business, people are Ubsioft was keen to stand for two-way controversial monetization.

This week, news that Ubisoft's racing migration emigrant last year, Arising on exams, boxing boxes are unlike many of the Ubisoft games – they broke, and some of the amazing players were not really happy with the news.

In a Steam thread, a number of PC players in the community gathered their game to talk about the confirmation, as well as the Ubisoft slam and the game for the news.

If you write through the thread for yourself, you can see all kinds of responses. Some show that the torch boxes are only for decorating items, and # 39; mean that their effects are very little and that interaction or even need not be encouraged. At the same time, others were very livid. Part even unpleasant.

At the beginning of the thread, the Ubisoft developer who was allowed to know was to know; let everyone know that the team knew about the concern about the "Gear Crates." A beautiful PR responsive friend. But this continued with the development of another Ubisoft developer representing "Ubisoft Support." And their response was honest and attractive, and as a result, it was not so friendly for the PR, and naturally it did not hinder the concerns it was trying to tackle.

"As indicated, this copywriter is not just cosmetic," the Ubisoft is a & # 39; writing. "I understand why the players make their feelings about them (not a big game in my own), however, as which has also been identified, you can always just buy them. "

The developer continued:

"At the end, they're expecting players who want something to help them to stand out of the crowd when they play online , or not just those who support the game and want to support us.

"Yes, it means that some players spend more on our games than others, and that means we have more profits. It also helps us to to add more money to new titles and to understand which players find in their games. Players simply did not buy those files, they would not They are submitted to future games. "

The finalization of the developer states that the boxes are not "bad if it is done correctly," a & # 39; recommend that they be implemented Arising on exams Overdue parameters are not very similar to other solutions in recent years.

Whatever you're coming down on loot boxes and the continuous level, it's hard to go to; See developers that are taken through the skin over them, especially when it's just over medicine remedies. This is not the worst PR work with Ubisoft, but some of the answers in the thread are above the top, but that is to be expected when the loot boxes are debated.

Arising on exams will be published on 12 February 2019 via PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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