"If so small, we would go to a passage": a meeting of Urrutia (UDI) and Celis (RN) landlords for the strike in the Valparaíso port


In the middle of Congress, the "outrageous style" was discussed in the crowd of Sluagh Vamos, as a result of the unequivocal views of the strike of people. works from the Valparaíso port.

A strong debate was held on Thursday afternoon by the parliamentaries of Chile Vamos, Osvaldo Urrutia (UDI) and Andrés Celis (RN), as part of the strike of temporary workers in the Valparaíso port.

Everything started when the craft union attacked Raul Celis, a brother of the parliament, has adversely affected the strike; ports and has been a "speaker for Terminal 1 of the South Pacific Terminal company" (TPS), Von Appen group. It is worth mentioning that Raúl Celis was the postmother of the area and who was the president of Port a Port Phort Company in Valparaíso (EPV).

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"Deputy Urrutia, if you are a good person and you believe there is a conflict between Mr Raul Celis Montt's interest, go to justice courts and appeal. But do not shout," he defended the applicant.

"I had not been able to fly myself in anything," replied Urrutia. "I understand that I'm the brother, but I want you to be pretty well and recognize your brother's mistakes. You can not have a president on her & # 39; a party company to be a spokesman for a reporter, but when the government has asked to resign his position so they can not reach an agreement, "he said.

Thereafter, a sharp debate was broken by reactions from the press to every statement of the parliamentarians. However, despite the tone, the controversy did not rise bigger and everything was done; finishing with Urrutia challenging Celis to talk only. "I'm inviting him to talk without the prey. I do not show Let's go into the hall and talk together. If so small is … come on here. Without a press, "he finished.

Relive a minute below:

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Celts Apologies

After the two things that are very beautiful to play. Andrés Celis gave apologies for the porteños. "I think the focus is on what happens right in the port and in violent actions in Valparaíso," he said.

"He misses me that vice president Osvaldo Urrutia Soto opposed my brother, Raul Celis Montt, has a career post and is a President of Port, he says a word -but he became more president of the TPS as an EPV, that he was a spokesperson for TPS or had TPS interests and I think it is unfair because he is charged with crime, "he said.

Celis argued his argument and urged Urrutia, if he had a history, "to go to the Court of Justice, since he is my brother after that, he is committing a crime , Urrutia has sovereignty and hides there. It's unfair to Raul, whatever my brother is. "

Ultimately, Celis wondered the booklets for their shame. "I think the focus is on solving what's happening in Valparaiso, but I can not handle Raul Celis Montt who has a an interest in the TPS, who was similar to the TPS president and who the speaker and who now says that I am also I am when I do not even know the TPS company, much less than a trader , "he finished.

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