If Solskjær has success, he must win one of these two


THE STORIES: Ole Gunnar Solskjaer with the prize winners of Manchester United. The two photographs from 2007, left after the league competition, are on the right, standing with the Champions League cup in connection with the forgiveness game.

June 2022: Ole Gunnar Solskjær, 49, is awarded a new prize. An English league player in the Manchester United season will also win the Champions League final, after they beat Manchester City near the tour.

Is it the truth in such a dream? Well, yes, it is.

These resources are available there Manchester United Will of devise, consisting of more and more, asking that the prizes be built at the same time.

Do Solskjær have to win the league or the Champions League to prove it has proven successful when we arrived at summer 2022? There is. It is so brutal.

Long-term it does not impact in the FA Cup (2016), the League Cup (2017) and the Europa League (2017). The success of Manchester United is explained by the Premier League and the Champions League.

At this time he feels the pace is very good.

– We are too far away where we want to be, said Solskjær himself at the press conference. 99 days after starting his job as temporary manager, he was naturally as fresh, with Manchester equipment clearer and with the same calm and charm.

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Solskjaer after a permanent employment: – Truly

MORE STATUS: Where popular people Gunnar Solskjær means he is in a special position as a manager. It is difficult to see that he gets the big supporters against them. This photograph is from his "certificate" in 2007, estimated at approximately 70,000 people at Old Trafford. Photo: Tom Purslow / Manchester United

But there will be no peace in the next month. Now the desire is coming quickly. Solskjær's everything was available when he arrived in December, as temporary leader, for a team completely out of course. Now the work has gone, now the work is starting, so that there can be two hard shots and a month to spend most of his money.

If the half-year ended by United goes up outside the four "highest", it stops in the season of the Premiership League and continues in the Europa League in the downturn. the starting point for Solskjaer will be relatively heavier.

It is not helped that all the censuses were taken over the December break. Then there was a place among the four best clean Utopia, but the success of the Solskjaer inventive has changed all the responsibilities. It has a further eight league fixtures, a lot to be lost suddenly.

TRH ANNUAL REVIEW: Ole Gunnar Solskjaer on his way out to the official photograph of his first day as a permanent manager for Manchester United. Photo: Rangøy, Nina E. / NTB scanpix

However, Solskjær cannot be judged by full justice. That's when he can see his own stamp on the crew, with a stall that is cleaned up, that is he has, with newly-bought players themselves have opted out, with others who have sold them.

Maybe he also hopes to have the same season in the first season and the gold competitions this year. Pep Guardiola in Manchester City and Jürgen Klopp in Liverpool were fighting against the Premier League, but eventually found out.

In both ways, it is very difficult to think Ole Gunnar Solskjær kicking, he that closes the sun on the Old Trafford walls. It's going to go wrong before the fans turn to one of their best warriors, and the club will definitely not get rid of their fourth manager in a row, and so forth understand that other employment was wrong.

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Solskjær working with United: The misuse of gambling

Where does it take over? Here it is easy to believe at 14 effects Solskjær in 19 matches. Nobody takes more points than the United in the 13 rounds, but to find out where the club is really, we need to see it longer.

In the last five quarters it has been generally up to 20 points up to the league champion. The speed there will be somewhere this year too. T

It should be difficult to decide that the new manager has a huge task ahead of him, or a “climb”, that he wishes to express.

The climb is already underway, firstly, with a Solskjaer cleaning up culturally, making use of its status, using all the activities it has been so active in, receiving into the club and the self-confidence of players, whilst being aware of the needs of those who wish to proceed.

So far the tactic has worked hard, but also for Solskjær it will finally deal with the two major prizes:

  • One is 104 centimeters high and is crowned, he goes to the top winner of the Premier League. Manchester United has won the 20 hour series, which Liverpool continues closely with 18. United win last year in 2013.
  • The other has big ears and will be given to the winner of the Champions League (formerly Serie Cup) who did not win the Manchester United champion three times. Real Madrid has 13, Milan seven, Bayern, Liverpool and Barcelona five and Ajax four hitting it, so it's really a “mountain climb”. United won last year in 2008 and lost the final in 2009 and 2011.

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Experts about recruiting Solskær: – fully worthy

– We must do this step by step, says Ole Gunnar Solskjær.

It looks good though possible a big step forward in earning the Champions League in two months.

Then Lionel Messi must be stopped in the seasons.

And then Ole Gunnar Solskjær can reduce his shoulder.

A little anyway.

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