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Referendum referendum is called Dongao.

Referendum referendum is called Dongao. Photograph: New head shell design

According to the "Olympic Olympics" referendum that began the old Olympics, the government will take account of national status, Ensure that the country's membership, and guarantees to the players, represents China. Under play, Chinese Olympics will be consulted in accordance with International Olympic Committee arrangements.

Ji Zheng said that the Dongo Zhengming Group has always changed its name to "IOC" Application according to "Lausanne Agreement" and the International Olympics (IOC). She stressed that when both rural and foreign countries are used to call us in Taiwan, why is the name of the people's praise renewed? A call on Taiwan to be convicted?

Ji Zheng praises she's a & # 39; supporting both "Taiwan" or "ROC", but "Taipei Taipei" is not a name found on a worldwide map, not to mention a breakup again from the Chinese Olympics China 1989 and Chinese Olympics. The agreement is signed by the two companies in Hong Kong called Taiwan as Chinese technology, and the only sports team in each of the countries of the International Olympics that can not be national flag, national hymn and use its own country name. Ji Zheng said promptly, "Can you take this form of discrimination, this type of discrimination?"

In response to the referendum on Eastern Olympics, the Government's claim that China participated in the international Olympic Games competition under the Lausanne Agreement 1981 and Chinese Taipei as a Chinese subsidiary, and the name must be changed internationally. The agreement of the Austria Association.

The Government said the referendum was right to the people. Democratic political representation is also a proof of democratic progress and devolution of citizens. The current democratic society of civilian people or organizations is to direct public opinion through referendum. Taiwan is a society of diversity, democratic and cheap, and all kinds of public opinion should be respected.

The Government said that the government should respect the referendum results if its case is " passing a referendum, and in honor of the country, to ensure that China's membership, and the protection of players' rights to represent China, will be consulted with the Chinese Olympic Association in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Committee Olympic International. Processing process.

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