If the Galaxy S10 with Galaxy F is not successful, Samsung's mobile division is a waiting for an emergency


Double phone from Samsung
Samsung is a mobile phone

Existing weaknesses are one of many divisions in South Korea pneumonia. Everything is now hanging on how successful & # 39; his famous boat. when Galaxy S10 It's going to score, Samsung a pink future is waiting. Despite this, the phone maker may be loose in emergency.

model Galaxy Note 7 He hit it well and oh Galaxy S9. S9 Plus by the way Notes 9 There is not as much interest as expected at first. worse But nowadays it is now that mobile inventory is already being copied; Moving from an environment within society.

As development is something, it can not continue forever. Especially if the lecture comes to count to agree closely compatible telephones with advanced creativity Infinity Flex presentation. Something has to happen too good beat Money.

As it is written GSMArena. Samsung so it is Galaxy S10 and Galaxy F (together, we see up to 3 new platform modules at the beginning of the year) show a unique opportunity to the whole world that it is still first league a mobile business.

If he does, he does not have to worry about it. Easy to decide will be, rather than competition not lazy. He has developed his first acts of plaintiff Huawei. Apple. Xiaomi and even LG. Engineers from stages Samsung so they have to find a way Excel.

folded Galaxy F you should see the world light together Galaxy S10 at the end of February. The exhibition will be kept according to tradition day of snow the upcoming event MWC 2019.

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