If the news conference comes to an end in 3 minutes, Zhou Xun Huo Jianhua is off for some reason. Media News Agency | NOWnews News today


Central News Recreation / NOWnews
Central News Recreation / NOWnews

(Central Central Business Reporter, Zheng Jingwen, Taipei, 18th) He planned to hold a news conference at the Far East Hotel at 2pm today. The opening host, Lu Jiayi, left the main campaigners Zhou Xun and Huo Jianhua can not come and publish the end of the news conference. In 3 minutes, the media in the room was awesome.

China's first TV telegraph was originally hosting the Chinese drama "Rugao", and held a news conference on the third floor of the Far East Hotel in Shangri-La at 2pm today. He stated that he will be on the # 39; The first time at Taiwanese at 9:00 on afternoon 27. Huo Jianhua, Zhou Xun and Zhang Yuning will be present. News conference.

Uncertainly, at the beginning of the news conference, Lu Jiayi's guests came to power but said "Zhou Xun and Huo Jianhua could not be present because of the cause." A press conference was finalized here. Less than three minutes before and after that, the media were wrong.

Last night at the Golden Horse Awards event, Taiwanese and Chinese filmmakers made unexpected talk and the event continued. Zhou Xun went on "China, it's not" on Weibo. It is said that Zhou Xun and Huo Jianhua could not appear at his / her; news conference today. The Gold Horses riot is attached.

Li Min, former president of the public relations department of Flowserve Media, and Liu Huizhen, former president of the film and film media group of Media Media, is the platform for interpretation. Liu Huizhen said, "We were told today that Zhou Xun and Huo Jianhua will not come, and we're very tough."

Li Min said he was still in contact with agents Zhou Xun and Huo Jianhua to his / her; news conference. "It has been a long time to co-ordinate the news conference." Foss's original news conference is to be held as usual. There is no plan for a & # 39; release of a news conference. I did not expect both sides to communicate for a long time. Can the artist win, Li Min said, "We are also very tough."

"Biography Biography" was broadcast on the Chinese TV station at 9:00 on the afternoon of the 27th, and was broadcast on the Weilai Theater from 11:00 on the afternoon of the 27th. (Editor: Huang Yu) 1071118

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