If the opponent has the following, you are sure you broke the job and no chance


You talk for the next day after you have to spend your night together but not to # 39; get your answer as you want or if you do not get ridiculous action from the other.

The first date will surely be & # 39; emphasizing everyone. It will make you discomfort, surprised and can cause uncomfortable mistakes. Although you are trying hard to create a good atmosphere between the two, but if you meet the following sentence of the enemy, sure, you will not have the opportunity next time.

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Aries – Provide continuously a reason to refuse any offer from you

Guards are always important to others, and are often not allowed to refuse. But if there's one day, Aries does not answer all your suggestions, then you're very tough. Review your own events during your last two times.

Taurus – disturbing her and her; left directly

Taurus speaks even to choose the truth even though he hurts him. They always do things right with their own thinking, of course, nothing is said. The taurus is consistent, so if you do not want it, it is not a matter of how to draw it it can not change.

Games – Negative comments, you know when you talk

It is easy to connect to Gemini but they are completely heartless, so they do not pay attention to the emotions that face it. If you can not continue with the Gemini story because you have rejected any of your statements, surely Games will not expect to reside with you.

Cancer – Monitor constantly monitors, apparently not at & # 39; left

The cancer is very enjoyable, they continue to surrender and listen to your story so the end of the place can stand out immediately. Impairment can only be rejected directly by anxiety to cause you to quickly identify. Keep in mind how you always look at the time, this is the cancerous refusal of Cancer.

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Leo – Do not let go on the phone, work a branch for ever & he is still talking

You may have been in a position when you keep looking at her & # 39; phone during your day. It will continue with your questions but with an unwanted idea. It is recommended to you if you want so far, Leo is preparing the unexpected ones, enough to take them out of their band line.

Vioga – Just as hard to be happy, because you will not see it

It's not easy to win a sorry Virgo. Unfortunately, if the date of your two is rising to the appearance of a person, Virgo's maid is. Virgo believes that the best you make is the best way to understand that they do not want to see you again.

Libra – unhappiness calmly, stop you, stop stopping just after the post

Libra does not respond or do not; Refuse immediately when making a tender for the next meeting. They will draw a reason to cancel the answer and then when you come home, Libra will send you quietly on the black list. Do not be surprised the next day you will not see Libra again in your friend list again.

Scorpio – Straight Talk, Play, & # 39; Enough enough to make you see you're foolish.

Make sure everyone knows the spirit of the scorpion. They are those who hurt others deeply with their words. Scorpion does not have to take care of your face that attacks its & # 39; instantly, even invade you to make your feelings unhappy that you want to give.

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Sagittarius – Lost all of your life after a white eye

It is common for Sagittarius, but if you see it suddenly after it's & # 39; The date you're completely disqualified from your life, your relationship is not between you. cure again

Capricorn – Share your thoughts, analyze your problems to understand

As with the other land, the Capricorn chose to speak directly to you, but take steps without hurting yourself. Capricorn sits with you and makes a viscous analysis whether both of you are capable of understanding and sympathy in refusal. They do not hate you, they just have a & # 39; Understand that there are not two for each other, so stop in the hope.

Aquarius – Discuss your personal opinion as a speech, you do not have to understand or not

Aquarius laments friends and has friends in four routes. If you are not the person who needs to find the water, then you will be willing to accept their refusal. You may have to listen to unreasonable comments from Acair. If they see signs for the show, it is best to automatically retrieve them automatically.

Preferences – Be glamorous, saying that you will divide but you do not have any information on what you are doing; caught in particular

Unfortunately, words will be scared, fear of the other. They are still fun and beautiful and so the image in your eyes is the most beautiful image; there. The fishermen also hear that you say and share many things to you, just if you can not understand what the Fees say is the sign that you do not; match and do not want to meet again. the next time

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