If the patient has a weight … a "Dash" diet is being disciplined


A man who is killed in a quiet word called an adverse effect. When you need to cure the disease as a rule, it can cause the life of the person at risk at risk. One of the most important reasons is that; in a sudden death. Stress and anxiety, but in fact, the attention to the quality of food in food is one of the most important recommendations that keep the patient's health with high blood pressure.

The report, published on the website "spread"" There is a diet called Dash, which regulates blood pressure in the & # 39; body, and add to a high reduction, and this system depends on eating all foods, but low fat and salt, to reduce high blood pressure.

The report said that the "Dash" system was significantly hung on & # 39; Reducing a portion of foods containing sodium, and eating foods full of phlasasium, calcium and magnesium, as they are; contribute to the reduction of blood allowances, and does not help to rise, and when they are; Assistance decisions after two weeks.

The report emphasized the "Dash" system of the systems that contain many of the important nutrients needed on its body, so that it does not. a group of elements that need, and so do it; hung vegetables, fruits and low milk products, fish, chicken and nuts, all nutrients that are needed on their body have a delicious food, and it's a very good food; help them to provide all their needs, so share your day to make the elements you need; eat to reduce any problems, with the need to work every day.

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