If you reject more than two years, you can not participate in the election


High Court Decree

The High Court has refused the petition to block five leaders, including crime and conviction (covenant and charter) The Prince, Aman Ullah Aman. As a result, the five leaders could not take part in the elections, lawyers said.

Tuesday, Tuesday. Nazrul Islam Talukder High Court action and KM Hafizul Alam Justice dispensed their order.

At the same time, the court said in mind if the sentence is more than two years in the court low, no one can participate in the elections as long as the case is waiting. However, the Appeals Department can not take part in a stop and eliminate punishment.

Four other directors of the BNP are Vice Chair and DAB leader. AZM Zahid Hossain, BNP president of Khagrachari district and former BP Wadud Bhuiyan, Jhenaidah-2 MP MPB and BNP headquarters Md. Moshiur Rahman and Jhenaidah-1 BNP BP MPB Abdul Wahab

The court was a assisting former state minister Aman Ullah Aman, lawyer Jahidul Islam. Dr. Advocate Rokon Uddin Mahmud, Ahsanul Karim and Khairul Alam Chowdhury were on behalf of AZM Zahid Hossain. Barrister Rafiq-ul-Haq and AKM Fakhrul Islam's Attorney were for Wadud Bhuiyan and Abdul Wahab. Aminul Haque and Barcair Mahbub Shafiq were on behalf of Moshiur Rahman.

The lawyer was on behalf of the ACC. Khurshid Alam Khan and State Attorney Mahbubey Alam and Deputy Advocate AKM Amin Uddin Manik.

Earlier, the hearings on the petition requested that these five leaders finished yesterday.

According to the case information, BNP's advisory council member Aman Ullah Aman was imprisoned, 13 years imprisoned on June 21, 2007 in a known re-revival case. Later on, he filed an appeal to the High Court to take a trust, Amin Uddin Manik said.

To get rich, to & # 39; wealth and information, and 6 crore, 36 lakh, 29,000 354 taka, the District Special Judge of Chittagong spent 20 years imprisonment and good heads of 10,000. He made an application here on April 28, 2009, he received a guarantee.

In addition, the Special Judge of Abdul Wahab sentenced to an important eight-year imprisonment on 30 October last year and imposed a fine on Tk 30,000 for a wealth of 93 lakh 369 rupees and information to go. Wahab appealed to court on 6 December trust.

On 14 December 2008, Deputy Director Kützia, Deputy Director of Anti-Corrosion Commissioner, Mosharraf Hossain Fridra, challenged the fact that the fact that the unexpected income of 5 crock Tk 10 5 miles over 69 miles 300.

In the case, on October 25, 2007, Jhenaidah-2 (Sadar and Harinakundu) and former BNP lawyer and BNP councilor, chairman of Moshiur Rahman, a 10-year-old prisoner in various cases. At the same time, the court has ordered a TK 70,000 order order and 10 crore assets to be reached 5 thousand 69,000 330 rupe. Later on, he took a member from the High Court.

In addition, on 25 May 2008, a special court gave a dinner to Mashiur Rahman for 13 years in a corruption case. He appealed against the High Court after his honor.

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