IKE told me why he broke up with a Szarvas factory


Szarvasi Vas-Fémipari Zrt said. The results made last week have not been completed. The company was faced with severe harassment problems caused by the change in a market environment for the manufacture of lamps. One of the largest partners of the IKEA company, Szarvas's factory has been working with a Swedish furniture shop for twenty years and its. make lamps for them.

Photograph by AFP

A Swedish Sun-Chinese company responded to stop collaboration with the Hungarian factory:

The most important thing for IKEA is customer satisfaction, and so its company has decided to stop working together. The reason for this is that IKEA is always making the best choices for business and the customer. Above above, the quality of IKEA's opposition is opposed to each other

– is listed in IKEA.

The Swedish company of the company did not provide details of the cooperation for legal purposes and respect for the provider.

At Szarvas Vas-Fémipari Zrt. All over 400 employees were asked and the government helped the staff involved. Chaibineit would support staff without recycling work through re-training, recruitment and participation in a range of labor market programs.

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