IKEA's removal from the 45,000 big market is dangerous


Today's IKEA Swedish furniture company announced that it contains about 45,000 folding boards that were sold worldwide, as there is a danger that the simple board will be & # 39 ; falling, the French media said.

"The pull out is just about the Glavarp lock that was sold after 1 January 2017," IKEA said in a statement.

The message comes from about 50 contacts to users who have been notified to the stop and their mail. drop on expanded board. Six people were injured, three of whom needed "medical care," said the speaker of the Therese Fagerstedt company for the French media.

45,563 units of Glavarp's giants were sold worldwide from January 2017 – at a price of 249 euros each (199 euros for its smallest models), company.

Owners are calling Glivepar records back to the shops for their compensation.

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