IKEA's scanned scanner downloads 45,000 empty entries – BLITZ


Ikea, a Swedish furniture company, said today that it has attracted around 45,000 recordings in the world, as there is a danger that the board will be simple to fall, the French media said. "The download is only related to the clean GLIVARP that was sold after January 1, 2017," said the chain.

The message comes from about 50 contacts to users who have been notified to the stop and their mail. drop on expanded board. Six people were injured, with three of them missing "medical care," said a spokesman, company Willse Fagerstedt for AFP.

45,563 of the Glavarp glass was sold all over the world since January 2017 – at a price of 249 euros each (199 euros for its smallest modalities), a & # 39; company.

Owners are calling Glivepar records back to the shops for their compensation.

A Swedish company store site in Bulgaria states that the following 2 modules are available: 20334700 GLIVARP and 50334708 GLIVARP. IKEA invites users who purchased the individual board in one of the two available sizes (125 / 188x85cm and 125 / 115x70cm) after February 2017 to be returned to IKEA where Will the money to buy it back in full or can not eliminate such a product. You do not have to compensate against repayment or return results.

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