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Trade is upgraded and staff suffer! ? IKEA (IKEA), a world furniture director, is trying to & # 39; Strengthening and selling its trading business. It will allow 7,500 people by 2020. Figure: taken from PIXABAY

Swedish modular furnace faucet IKEA (IKEA) reported on the 21st that it is expected to send 7,500 people worldwide over 2020, because its company reorganizes, & # 39; echoing e-commerce and pressing on the phone; market at the center.

IKEA is not only a magnificent mystery band

IKEA has 367 stores in 30 countries and employs as many as 160,000 people. IKEA said that a company has a & # 39; make this decision about weakening based on how a simpler and more efficient company directs.

Indeed, the change in spending patterns tends to be more shopping and better on online shopping, and exporting as a worldwide move. According to a report published by the World Economic Forum (WEF) in September, by 2025, robots will place 52% of the work currently handled by people.

According to the "Future of Jobs 2018" report, people need to integrate new skills to match the "big changes" that should be combined with computing devices and programs.

The report states that robots can quickly replace human activity in accounting, customer administration, business, post office and secretary departments. But jobs that require "human skills," such as sales, marketing, and customer service, want more work. The same is true for trade and social media.

This move is different from the traditional movement, which has led many companies to achieve reorganization, transformation, and even more difficult.

A hundred years ago lost store by exporting, disregarded in credit

For example, Sears Holdings Corp, a US 125 exporter is the latest issue in this move. A hundred years ago, Sears, a merchant, lost over the American center, as a result of the e-commerce during the internet and the defenses of a bankruptcy recorded with the court of the month past.

Its company has the reputation of a chain department resource to ensure consumers are satisfied and unhappy with repayments. However, in the online shopping venues, users can not grasp the changes in retail shopping methods. The debts are not huge.

In terms of the "R" Us Toys, a series of well-known toys manufacturers, due to huge debt of billions of dollars, combined with the importance of competition from the internet business, in the E-Commerce environment in 2017 9 Moonshine defenses bankruptcy, they would have to store the store, auction site, sell intellectual property, and # 39; including the name, Geoffrey, the iora trademark, and brand of R & # 39; Us Babies to pay credit funding.

Re-organize and respond to shop department shop laws

In addition to Sears and Toys R Us under the ecommerce weapon, American chain stories, JC Penney and Macy, have been announced that they close their market and who are in the market. retiring from this year's staff. There were 5,500 people and more than 10,000 people unemployed.

And it has been compared with its business, as a director of the global sales industry of Walmart, which is a significant indicator of the economy and on online shops, there are layoffs this year, it is said that staff more simple next year. Wal-Mart said that this is part of the total restructuring of the company.

It also removes 10,000 people who managed to store the Messi SA (MACY & S) department stores. Figure: PIXABAY

Expand the extension, major export Amazon also has layoffs

However, although e-commerce is one of the biggest trends in today's marketplace, Free shopping on Amazon, for example, has been influencing online worldwide food shift, which has a huge impact on real economic, Many of the departmental stores and retailers have changed their own hard work, but despite that, Amazon, the head of the trade, has dropped staff this year.

Amazon, which is a business card; expanding, increased growth in business growth, and as a result of budget gains and more staff. Therefore, the number of staff of its company must be amended to strengthen the financial position.

According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, which was released in July, Amazon Founder and Chief Executive Jeff Bezos won the richest person in the world, but also the richest number in contemporary history, Forbes In 2018, the fifth, the second only for President of China Xi Jinping, Russian President Putin, US President, Trump and Chancellor of Germany, the Russian President has been a Francis Pope.

However, Amazon has not benefited President Trump. The old storyteller made out of Amazon for paying too much tax and its # 39; kill thousands of retailers.

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