Ikhsan must lie against Timor Leste


He was tough against Indonesia and Philippines but Ikhsan must start scoring against Timor Leste

Singapore needs goals when they meet with Timor-Leste on Wednesday (21 November) after the loss. left to the Philippines.

In trying to achieve that, it was said that the Fandi Ahmad Lion pedestrian coach could have been a " Using two strikers who could see Khairul Amri's old soldier with Ikhsan Fandi to fight against the attack.

In fact, the scoring objectives are a major problem for this side of Singapore, there is a lack of clinical completion from the stages and Ikhsan Fandi is the chief. Before the competition began, Amr started to name how Ikhsan had only one goal of the way to be a singing player in the Suzuki AFF Cup.

But this goal seems to be a great deal for Ikhsan when the age of 19 has been anonymous to Indonesia and Philippines. Prior to his competition, Ikhsan gave three goals in four friends. Compare this to date where statistics show that it has taken six sets in full against Indonesia and Philippines, but none of them have targeted.

The midfielder's current superstar expert: skipper Hariss Harun. If Singapore is sure to have a complaint for the Suzuki AFF Cup they can not depend on the midfielders to score. Ikhsan must start to & # 39; cracking the goals against the minnows of Timor Leste and maybe & # 39; playing with Amri's old father helping to find her feet.

If Fandi gets a proverb against Timor Leste who plays Amri and Ikhsan ahead, he must comply with his. company. It will be dangerous to return to Ikhsan as a champion for the team as the game is past, shown, he can not succeed in that role because of without knowledge.

Time to shine & # 39; in the AZA Cup AFF Suzuki this year and for Ikhsan the time to face is against Timor Leste. If Singapore is suited to its final, it has to deliver the product or even lose the Lion & # 39; and before they run to the Rajamangala stop.

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