Iliya Milanov with the first keywords before BLITZ following the important "Gerena"


One of the people who participated in the victory over Levski by 3: 1 Georgi Asparuhov was Botev (Vratsa) guardian in Iliya Milanov. The old group was suffering injuries, but it started to be & # 39; creating and winning the title Sasho Angelov. Milanov spoke to Blitz about the victory over Levski and the team's ambitions by the end of the year.

"We have a very important impact against a very good team. Not every day Georgi Asparuhov impedes Levsky. We are very pleased with this success, as we and our & # 39; all of the city. But this game has gone over and we have to look forward. We need to record another benefit to stop the number of points that can be collected.

We have been influenced by the Levis team and more enthusiasm. We were united, we played together as a team. I think this is the result of our success, "said Milanov to Blitz.

"We have recorded three consecutive benefits, but there are four other games for a winter break. If we get more points, we'll have the opportunity to enter for the first six. We fight for these places equally, and we are not taking them away. The big teams are clear – CSKA, Levski, Ludogorets, but in others – everyone can hit the one other.

Sasho Angelov keeps us firmly on the ground. This effect was good, but we have to forget and think about the next game. If you're not a God, we lost from September, the influence over Levski was not like that, "followed the Botev defender (Vratsa).

"Valeri Bojinov is a very famous football player. Challenges protect her challenges. Inside the dressing room and during the games he takes us and He's really involved, "Milanov told the striker.

"I have a good feeling at Botev (Vratsa). For a long time I had knee problems and I did not play it, now I've gotten out. I got into good condition, I have gathered games and training. I am getting better every day. To pause, I think I'll be even better.

My contract is in late December, but I did not think after it. We sit down to talk about things with their leadership. It is now important to play regularly and collect a game of practice, "said Milanov in a statement, and how he was feeling in the team from Vratsa.

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