Ilon Musk is ready for flight to Mars


SpaceX, Ilon Mask, has stated that he is willing to travel to Mars. The engineer spoke of his plans to enter the space in an interview with Axius.

"I estimate that I can fly to Mars myself as a 70% look. I talk about the" ticket "cost there for a hundred hundred thousand dollars. But it is likely that Death on Mars or the plane is much higher than Earth. We can not thank all the dangers of people's lives when you travel through deep depth, "said the businessman.

It is known that the SpaceX founder set up the start of a program in Mars in 2022, and expected a ship to live with astronauts live in 2024. Also, its company has offered a concert for the Martian situation.

Earlier, Ilon Musk was acquainted with Hyperloop before opening.

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