Ilyaana is in the debate that appeals 60 million rupe


Finding people who are not familiar with their & # 39; actress Ilyanna DiCruz at present, they are likely. But now Dikruz is going on to discuss the high taxes.

In 2010, they saw Iliyana dancing in a & # 39; first song in a Kannada language film. After a long break, it can be seen in the subject song & # 39; Binoy Bheyaya Rama in the Telugu language. The news was released in different media, for the song that Iliya wanted 60 lakh rupees for this song. And the film director, BoaPati Srinu, has agreed to pay the tax to a large extent. And in the 4-minute theme song, it has been the ultimate goal with news about so much money.

An actor Ram Charan, the pretty actor who works in this film. Produced by the DVV Entertainment banner, the film is & # 39; Further progress – Kia Advani, Vivek Oberoi and others. The film is scheduled to be released on 15 January 2015.

It is shown that the latest news of the movie Ilaina & Amar Akbar Anthony & He played a part in the Aishwarya Rai Tejah movie.

In 2006, she wrote her name in the world of shows through the Telugu & Debasasu film. In that year, he played in three other films; including the language of Kamil – & # 39; After this, there is one Kannada and a number of Tamil films in this movie.

Eleanor was recorded in Bollywood by BARFI & # 39; In 2012 He then starred in seven Bollywood films. There are general films such as Rostam & # 39; Mubaraka & # 39; Raid & # 39; presented by Gift Protection Status

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