I'm getting all the ways to pull Kiet


In 86 Rice's complete race program, Han was released out of prison and since then, Miss Ms's house members were constantly controversial, they did not have a fair time.

Come into the Kiet, Han (Thuy Ngan) saw him happy with Puc's mother. Do not bet to "white white", Reclaim for a crime, ask for the life of leaving Kiet. However, Puc has a strong response.

Reed to gliocaideach
Looking for Phuc to continue to & # 39; a problem.

The second time he finished, he blessed Puc, a holy man, and said: "Kiet and Kiet had never tied to me, and Kiet had no relationship with her. doing things for cure.

I admit that Mr Kiet will not give his child but if you come back to us or not, please wait.

Han began to use his / her ability to pull kiet. She tried to make her husband unhappy to pull children off; waiting in front of Kiet House in midnight.

After seeing her, Miu ran to her father and said, "Dad, do you remember Miu?" She said she did not visit her but she gave her mother a visit to her.

Ris coileagan ris an riomhaicheach stèidhichte 87: I'm looking for every way to attract pleasure
He used Miu's baby to pull up Kiet.

Then Moi turned to his mother: "Mom, do you say that right?" To cure a great deal, Han said, "Miu said he lost …" and his daughter was immediately broken: "I did not know that!"

After the mistakes have been caused, Kiet will have a pledge back to Han, will he not start a new relationship with Puc?

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