"I'm happy with the wild border" Quynh doll "


Many people said that the character "Quoll" is in place of the movie in part 2 by contrast from the first one. That is up and down. What do you think about this?

Indeed, a few days ago, when I was participating in the & # 39; "untitled battle" program by writer Kim Ngan, ask me on her & # 39; immediately "Why is the second part of" quynh dolls "to Quynh in his position". Kim Ngan said: "If you write the next part 3 for" Quynh dolls "in the future, Quynh will give.

I always want Quynh to be different because Quynh is a sharp, talented and interesting girl, not a bad person. I want you to get up, & # 39; struggle to defend himself, not to be banned forever.

puong oanh:
Quynh suffers the story of his father to face his / her; pain back pain in program 27 on Monday.

Quynh's life has not lost anything, always hitting a star. And if you meet my "wolf", Quynh will rise. I was meeting Quynh but not for himself, but for Dao, the sister of Lan. I'm thinking, what's it? Most of the audience also think like myself, also for Quynh up.

However, due to the character development situation, I can not work again. I hope, if there are three, Kim Ngan gives clearer features and Quynh will be different than everyone has seen.

I do not know if there's a refurbishment at the moment but "Do not forget," said Doan Quoc Dam (as Canh says), "There will be other observers for the next project and the next part." Quynh doll ".

In the next program, Quynh met his high child, who stepped into the poor dark life?

In part 2, Quynh faces three changes in three different emotional states. The first is to be & # 39; Dao rescue at the hotel when my "wolf" visited visitors. Twice after that, my "rabbit" knows that Quynh's relationship needs to be based on his supporter.

That is to say Quynh to face his father. This is the two most recent Quynh's attempts; biggest suffering from time to time. The old man so far does not stop thinking he is sick and wanting to sleep with Quynh much more.

Are you satisfied with the result "Quynh doll"?

I am satisfied with the end. Distribution here is not a result of the movie "endeavor" but because it hurts and spends; feel spectators. He sang in audience minds with a very powerful and powerful education lesson.

I would like to emphasize the way in which the script is established and that the leader's route from beginning to end is essential. The success of the film is pain for the audience in the last minute. Now there are only a few programs that the film does that the listeners are still involved in so many feelings.

puong oanh:
Phuong Oanh changed his beauty and personality after being famous for his career as Quynh.

In fact, your post has a lot of hope too. People who recommend you & # 39; Speaking but there are people that are not suitable. What do you think of my thoughts that are unhappy?

At first, I did not want to influence the audience's perceived emotions that are rarely read. But recently, because there is little work to do, partly due to the loss of a personal page, so I got a loan on his personal page on the movie page to read the audience's opinions.

Out of the many ideas, I read completely with the views of the listeners who just wrote the film but that; criticized my job hard. Then there are dozens of people who agree with you and do not lament my practice.

However, after a few recent broadcasts, many spectators report me below. In particular, after the scenery, Quynh gets the town to visit Lan and sing when it was seen that Lan was unique. People saw the psychological change that Quynh needs to follow the script.


Previously I feel very happy about it; The audience is very aware of its character. I also feel very confident because the psychological study of its character is very reasonable.

It is the first time that a new film was broadcast you're going to; make film makers do not make you right. How was that story sorted out now?

It is different now. Not just the story behind the scenes so that people do not mislead me as the "three stars". For example, when I was reading the script about crime, I thought of how it was. I can see how you would.

So, when I went into the filming, I told you that you attacked an attack and then I threw a shirt to throw it hard … But I'm afraid of my acting companion that you will not come to that scene. When the director came back, I needed to tidy up: "You yourself, you attack me" … because you do not want to reconstruct this vision, it will be very tired of each other.

However, after the end of the scene, people then have their feelings as an authored author; doing so do not worry. The story is just as fun but it does not understand why the representation is sitting together to tell each other and then become a "party" as another story.

I came to be a casual man, and let your friends what they want to do … The truths that & # 39; blow through the so large ear that affected me greatly. Because the sacrifice for the job is completely different. As the film moves all the time, people have changed the way I see my sacrifice in the movie.

puong oanh:

What does the family say about your role in this movie?

The family is very proud of me and not everyone can miss out. My mother also said she would sell her vegetables and sell her meat to the driver every time she went out. My mother is not listening to her & her; laughing, not just the girl who plays her & her; Quynh character "doll".

After the impact of "dolls wheels", many people invited Phuong Oanh to be extremely tough?

"Quynh doll" has created many effects for the movie team not just me. That is everyone's satisfaction. Personally, I do not call Phuong Oanh more, but Quynh is "doll" always and there are people called Quynh also changing "auto" (automatically) to Quynh "doll" always.

The messages they are also going to take on the heat of my character; promises to invite the event but not the person who is fond of southern to make money, it should also go with middle-level events Working with them as well as I work in co-operative spirit and all of them.

How do you interpret it just beautiful, talented but always?

Speaking of loneliness I remember & # 39; I have a lot of things. The effects of social networks that I can not get alone. I use social networks so I do not; Feeling sad or only when I'm alone.

People ask, "No lover is a lonely feeling?", I say "no". At work alone, work is busy. Over half a year I spent my time on "Quynh dolls", a free time to sleep to recover energy. Give some time to your social network friend with friends, relatives, listeners … and so I lost my last page my personal page; Feeling how my sweetheart lost.

I realized it was a year without loneliness, when there is no lover due to social networks. But now I lost my personal page and then I suddenly get love rather than that (laughter).

Thank you for sharing your information.

According to Ha Tung Long

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