I'm Levski, it's a special feeling to get to Gerena (VIDEO)


Botev (Vratsa), Valeri Domovciyski, got the third hits for the guests 3: 1 victory over Levski on GerenaSouth-West The blue-haired scorer was very pleased with the great wonder.

"There are two goals, one goal, impact, the most important thing that we have won, but Botev (Vratsa) is winning at Gerena very difficult, we are all happy that we have done, we came really, to play at this stadium, we just grasped their mistakes, and I will look on the disclosed table, and then I give a comment, I just did it over, I spent Jablonski and I went to scratch, "explained the satisfied Domovchiiski.

"Indeed, we were talking about the impact, the coach said we had opportunities, we were very sad during the game, we finished, Levski was looking for a & # 39; all the time, but we were surprised to get to this stadium. You know I'm lefkar, I was delighted to be back at this stadium, "said Domo after her # 39; a game.


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