"I'm not away, but I've gone"


By leaving Emmanuel Gigliotti from Independiente, along with some of the uncertain statements, show that they were in the "Red", especially with their coach, Ariel Holan, things are not really good. An "Puma" He was the top player of Argentina Superboliga de Ftbol, ​​made 12 goals in 15 games and was one of the leaders in the last time. That's why I've been surprised at his career suddenly from the Avellaneda center. He made sure he was not going to go for an economic issue but football.

"We have no relationship now, when I was an independent player, it was a coach player relationship", Gigliotti replied when Holan was consulted and asked more questions about his connection. Another player who is link to the phrase the Jons Gutirrez Puma. Am a Defender and Justice player dispar: "I do not know if I had coffee with Holan. Now I'm trying to look forward and improve. In Independiente I had the double talk ".

Now buddy turns, glory and idol; club: Ricardo Bochini, who confessed that he has no conversation with Holan, although he has sent a fight. "I do not go as I was first, as in February 2017. I was there, Bertoni too. I spoke about football with Ariel, in some ideas we agreed in others that ", confessing Bochini, believes that he is the best player in Independiente history.

"When they asked me something, I was talking, but in the last few times it was not like that and I", I added it. And also comment on how Gigliotti left: "It was something that Holan, ah with Gigliotti, with Snchez Mio and other players, was not aware, he was not aware of them, now the offer has been made, it can be seen that Independiente is seeing how good they sold it. "

Finally, In a conversation with the Cuatro de Copas program at AM 770, I said you'd like to strengthen you to come to the Avellaneda club. "The one I would like the Peruvian Cave. I like it is skilled, encarador, what you need independent. Silvio Romero needs to be 9 and one player needs one on either side. A person who is over and over. aims ", he decided the fraud.

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