"I'm not happy with …", the amazing agreement Cristiano Ronaldo


After moving from Real Madrid to Juventus, Cristiano Ronaldo He took him a few months to become an uncertain leader of the "giant" of Italy. For this reason, the Signora Vecchia's skin carries a deep interview with her; Rcord newspaper describing what he had spent in the last 12 months, the individual awards, his return to his home; The Portuguese team, who is in the future in football and even the grievance complaint that I received from a woman can.

Those are the most important phrases that were; in Christian real:

– "I'm not happy with individual awards. The important thing is to influence the team, everything else is a natural result. And the same lecture is valid for the records. What counts wants to grow more and more. "

– "I do not hide that I'm happy when I win, but that's not the end of the world when it's not at all. I do not always think about & # 39; bankruptcy, I am working hard to help & # 39; club and be the best. I am honest of deciding who to vote, but I am going to; think the numbers speak to themselves. "

– "The technical, innovative and corporate level of all teams is better, who earns her & # 39; become more complex and that is why I need to work even harder to stay on the roofThe award is beautiful and it's something that makes us happy, but if it is not like that, it's not the end of the world. "

– "In 2019 I expect to be back available to technical Election workers"

– "This is the fifth I have had in the European League and the third row with Real Madrid, but I can not stop writing the time I came at Juventus, where I got a good source. "

"I still want to develop and help my team win awards, I do not have one year or goal to finish, I'm feeling that I & # 39; doing very good in both directions and I amwill be working to continue for a few years"

I feel every day of their commitment to & # 39; playing football at the highest level. I feel passionate about every day to be at # 39; do my favorite thing. I still feel the incentive to & # 39; giving the highest level in all the jobs, the exercises ".

– "I'm sorry to see the situation of those things in my heart club (Sport Lisbon), which has also come to an end." On the other hand, I'm glad Nani will return home, where we have grown as players and humans. "

– "It's been hard for me to see my family worried about the news (the urgent complaint on Kathryn Mayorga), but they know I can never do what they're going to kill me half, I have started out and they also have a coherence quite calmly and I hope that I will be very clear. "

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