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A report of police and Excel file … "There is low capacity, but there is room for an argument."
Police "can't monitor the store to protect the password …" Getting primary sources

Jeong Jun-young

Jeong Jun-young(Yeongjongdo = Yonhap News) Jin Seung-soo, a suspect who is suspected of shooting and distributing sex videos, is returning to Incheon International Airport on the afternoon of 12th. 2019.3.12 [email protected]

(Seoul-Yonhap News) Kim Ki-hoon, reporter for a big bang (Lee Seung-hyeon, 29), suspects sex fever and singer Jung Jun-young (30) He is also interested in attention.

Police said on 12 December that the city's police investigation center has been getting a lot out of the first mobile phone containing the content of the conversation.

Previously, the police received a report from a news reader in an excel file format, which was recorded on a USB stick. It is said that they receive images and images that have been uploaded to CATV.

Before informing the police, the reporter also sent the report to the People's Rights Commission, and the police asked the police to co-operate with the police.

There are many comments about the way Katok spoke about the media. There are also reports that the content of the conversation was dropped from a phonetic company that brought Chung Joon-young to mobile phone repair, or that the third person in mobile phones was reporting by the third person.

The police say they cannot prove the way to get the identity of their identity.

However, the police believe that the data they received is the same as the data submitted for their interest. The police say it is unlikely that the conversation has been disturbed.

However, the police are aiming to get a mobile phone containing the content of Katok's speech as far as the evidence is concerned and the contents of the lecture are not original.

It is said that the contents of Katok's conversation, which the personal information is sensitive to, have been dropped.

The Network of Information and Communications Act specifies that information should not be broken, broken, misused, or released by others. However, if the content of a disclosure is identified as a public interest, protection measures will be taken to protect the interests.

The law for protecting public prosecutors means that public interest groups cannot report what they have received and report on progress.

Chung Jun-young's costs were reflected in the process examining the allegations made by the police about sexual activity.

The police have confirmed that they have videos linked to their species that are suspected of being illegally filmed in the phoulalge with the effects.

Chung Joon-young has been able to collect videos and quality photos with her friends and other friends.

In a group that includes Chung Joon-yong, the media said that the woman, who had not given enough sleeping pails, admitted that their behavior could be an offense.

The police will scrutinize Jung Jun-Ifanc as a suspect in the near future. Police want to see how the video was burned and shared with him.

Police also said the victims had been arrested if there was suspicion of victims' repression due to Katok's conversation with Yuri Kim, the predecessor preparing for the 2015 Kimmo campaign. at the Arena Club Break the law of prostitution punishment.

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