I'm praised about Marcelo Tinelli who laurita Fernndez worries: I'd like to be


Typically, Marcelo Tinelli does not have difficulties in baiting for giving her what he's doing; Thinking and in putting the polmica. In each of them, the conversations appear within the show, although those who are not in front of this show. The same happened Laurita Fernndez. Again, the jury spokesman sends his sword and the wall with an item that is not & # 39; liked to describe it.

And what do we talk specifically? Of his incredible fighting with Florencia Vigna. Tinelli, who exploits the Mara del Cerro exhibition and Facundo Mazzei., Back to & # 39; Talking about ShowMatch's two-movie show and made a very uncomfortable request Laurita. "This is a crucial question … does Flor Vigna come to come?" The driver asked Mery, and before she could respond, she said: I want to see her between Flor Vigna and Laurita Fernndez with a picture of Nicols Cabr de la terrain. "

"The truth is that the desire is, it's true that Flor is doing a job for Nico Vzquez's work in the summer and her & # 39; doing work at night, we want it all the time, we always tell her when we dance and we'll like it, well … it's still Below, "he said the partner as long as he was in. catching gigantograph from Vigna.

Click Marcelo again later the laird of Sugar. "I like to finalize last year by the end of the year between the artist, the sale-esteem and Vigna, let's," he said. Laura Between laughter, but very hard, I can not say "why?" Then, trying to add something to the thing and I said it was the best way I said: "I have to accept every year, really great, everyone with Mica Viciconte, who everyone. "

"I think that's happening because Laurita lives to the last day of the program and Flor has to deliver her & her dad ( she is a 2017 Dance warrior), the only spiritual spirit of Del Cerro. " And he finished: So the arrest It must happen, after all that happened and what two of them did in the media that could happen?

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