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Freedom trouble for children of Narail Lohagara Aminur Islam gave human rights to the wife and its partners to avoid misleading and harassment. They made human sleep at Lohagara Bazar Road at 11:30 on Sundays. Father Aminur, Noor Islam, was the freedom that was late at the Poddarpara town.

His relatives, including Aminur, said that Aminur Islam on 25 June was Afia Khanam Lima from the Faizmod district of Lohagora Bazar. During the family, Lima became pregnant and was caught in love with other strangers. On November 19 last year, she tried to abolish a child and her parents in support of some people. Lima has kept her husband away with her relatives for carrying this work.

Aminur said, on November 28 last year, my family allowed the news out of November and released me from death. Later, Lima will cause a child to be damaged; inside. In this regard, I filed a complaint with Narail Police Super. On 10 December last year, Police Superintendent of Lohagara Police asked the OC to carry out an essential action. But I did not get any co-operation from Lohagara police station. Instead, due to Lima, there was a deceitful complaint against me in the police station, I was distressed in many ways. Because of my wife's mistake, my life is in an emergency. I am uncertain.

The people who were suffering from human presence in the human series, hundreds of people from different towns, including Kamal Hossain, Abujar, Chhatra, Akash, Manik, Arif and Pudderpara. Lohagara Police Station, OC Pabir Kumar Biswas, said that action will be taken after investigating his / her complaint. The police are neutral and still.

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