IMac Pro – 266GB RAM


The technical location VERG has been suggested as this choice of 266GB RAM. The site has identified the amount of power required.

The basic model of IMAX Pro is started at $ 4999. The Apple website shows that the value of a 266 GB RAM is 5,200 dollars. So you can only purchase another iMac but with the RAM price.

In an IMAX Pro foundation model there are 32GB of RAM. They added an additional $ 400 to upgrade to 64 GB. And for the 128Gb module, the value is more than $ 2000 USD.

Apple has updated the iMac Pro graphics unit as well as RAM. It can be added to 16 GB of memory, with Radiation Pro Vegas 64 X For the new GPU, the customer must pay an additional $ 700 USD.

The Verge report, the most recent updated, 3.2 GHz 18 Principal Geon W., 256 RAM GB, four terabyte storage and IMAX Pro with VEGA 64 X GPU, costs $ 15699.

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