Images show buildings when Bope worked in Dendê Hill; videos! The Day


Rio – The Military Police has been working on Morro do Dendê, on Ilha do Governador since late Tuesday. Since then, officers from the Special Police Executive (Bope) have been in the community of North Northern Ireland. By the end of the night, a trader was injured when he opposed the PM and was rescued at Evandro Freire Municipal Hospital, in the same neighborhood S Post was captured by a rifle.

Videos that spread social networking to showing gunguns throughout the community's weather during work, at night; watchSouth Westerly

Morro for Dendê's shootings started at 10.45 and lasted at least 11.30. "There are a lot of shots, God blesses the people who come home," one who is a live on social networks. "I'm listening here to Moneró and my mother from Portuguesa. He says," said another. "Listen to us and we were sorry here. I heard across the island," said the third.

Police officers arrive at Evandro Freire Hospital – Reproduction / Internet

Major killed

Bope's work started at Morro for Dendê hours after a 40-year-old murder, Alan Alan of Luna Freire, who was immensely involved in the battalion on the Island of the Governor (17th BPM). It was executed in the morning in Nova Iguaçu, in the Baixada Fluminense.

According to headquarters colleagues, he recently arrested members Fernando Gomes de Freitas, Fernandinho Guarabu, 39, one of the drug traffickers in the Isles Governor's communities. The order for the murder of the police officer could be donated by Antonio Eugênio de Souza, the Batoré, who was named "matador" of the Guarabu group.

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