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The Playerunknown & Battlegrounds study is coming to the latest (for now) version of the game. PUBG will try PS4 after going through a PC, Xbox One, and several months after the mobile versions. Is there still a bag left to the beginning of "battle royale"?

A platform is still available Playerunknown Gameplay & (no PUBG). The recognized online biodiversity, which has broken PC recordings and now become one of the most powerful independent Xbox One – developed on Xbox One X – last year, it is now coming to PS4, & # 39; allowing him to play more players who Find out the "battle royale".

If we are allowed to compare what happens to this PUBG It's like the truth Minecraft, which was converted to all devices and platforms, after starting a PC start. But in this case, "battle royale" has a disadvantage, and that is that the species has a "#; hindering it with competitors, who return to the same game. On the one hand, the "all-powerful" Fortunately, with her "playoff" formula, a more colorful visual style and shelter building system.

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On the other hand, the method Blackout by Call of Duty Black Ops 4, which includes the "gunplay" in a & # 39; the first character of the saga, and that offers a technical section much better. And we're still waiting until the Firestorm mode arrives V Battle, with a similar reward.

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PUBG analysis of Xbox One

So at this stage, a year and a half after its first release, it is worth ensuring that there is still a powder in the Studio Bluehole game for a place among world fans. It's the answer, but it's not easy.

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Survival to the border

And perhaps in the world there are still some people who are not familiar with her; praise of "all the face of everything" of this kind. Around 100 players jump from a port to an island, where they need to fight so that there is only one person; left – in this case, we can also do & # 39; playing with 4 men squads. It is a steady cycle in the dispute division that has been reduced gradually, and that is We are trying to meet our campaigners

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All players start original, that is, they need the weapons and materials that are scattered on its; map. And these pieces of equipment can be of different types: protections, such as the helmet or glossy cloth, messages and herbs to recover and exercise the weapons carefully.

Ann Playerunknown Gameplay & we can simultaneously upload up to four tools: body to body, pistol and two rifles (also guns or guns) that usually make a decision to & # 39; game. In addition, you can attach connections such as muzzles, silencers, different optics and expanded chargers, which provide us with plenty of choices.

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It is a strategic point to play our limited list (and what we find on our way) to decide on a wide range rifle but a level lower of fire or weapons more complex, depending on the time we are going. And as the enemies who have dropped their army, in the final section the players will be fully equipped.

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Guidelines and PUBG activities

All the weapons that appear in the # 39; game of real models (from the latest ones such as Kriss Vector to the old "tommy gun") and some of them including me the referee, to decide whether we want equip, make or kill.

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The game is mapped

A major profit; there PUBG compared to other games of this species he has several maps. Each of them has a unique situation, and each of them has a different development: we can play in a deserted environment, tropical jungle or on an island with urban and rural areas, each of which changes the style of the games.

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Only maps are currently available Erangel, Miramar and Sanhok, but soon come new situations to the game. Indeed, the map is already named Sender, on snowy ground. With PUBG, we also have the opportunity to get these maps before they are implemented.

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The approach is always the same, indeed, but the open areas invite us to move more, because we can be an easy fencing target, and other environments (to particularly towns) to Supporting them to broadcast and send a search; measure our steps well. .

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Each of its maps has its own (terrestrial and watery) vehicles that allow us to move forward with speed, but its sound is shocking our situation.

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Weekly and daily challenges, with their prize

The drive system is one of the keys at its game (and also one of the types of funding). We can not get "helpful" items, as it would change the rules of their game, but on the # In contrast, there are many non-open source elements in the important section: from character and character to new skin for the parachute or the weapons.

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They can be performed by completing enterprises, and # 39; Pay by game money, or through torch boxes. In a PS4 case, one of the conservation incentives is that we can use clothes Nathan Drake in the Uncharted saga and the backpack Ellie in our final.


It's a way of "showing" the times we've played on (when we have been hit in the Battlestreams Player Unknown and the game gives us a prize with the phrase " Winner, winner, hen dinner ") among its rest of the community, and from that it's just what's a competitive online, right?

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The draft console

Over the past few years, with the Xbox One version, we did not appreciate being & # 39; Appreciate his game as he was in early induction form. But now it's "full" we have still faced important problems. The network code works well, and we did not have problems finding a game, and we did not get eel or stop.

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The game runs 30 FPS stable, with developments in PS4 PS (although it does not reach a 4K arrangement) and now it does not support a playback between a platform.

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Is PUBG and Fortnite similar to it?

However, the control system is a bit complicated. In particular, the access to the attachments to link the connections or the regeneration system – which we need to leave to; button forward for a minute – we left "sold" several times. Here it is probably easier for PC users (it is not compatible with their mouse and keyboard on PS4).

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Mòd is the first person (We can not change a different perspective at any time) that the goal is not easy – because you need to double click to use the view – and the technical section in general is not well planned: machines that are Provides long-term values, polygonal elements and severe animation, as well as irregular physics in the vehicles. Inside lights and the building of buildings and objects do not help to & # 39; Improve this side either.

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In all, a way of working PUBG is very funny. There are times when the game runs slowly, but when it's up to date, left less than 20 players, things are very lively, and in the final stages our loops increase. And it also comes at a very tight price of 29.99 euros in the basic move.

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It is not surprising that the game was so successful – also on YouTube and Twitch – in those years, but today, this is not a "#; first choice for "battle royale".

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