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Central banks should be able to think about the subject of digital money because we are in a time when money is changing, and think that Christine Lagard, head of International Money Fund (IMF).

Wednesday Lagarda spoke with a talk at Fintech Singapore
Festival. She emphasized her different type of money and she marked it
Today, worldwide demand for money is declining. Medium Bank
Accordingly, their role is to deliver money to the digital economy.

"I think they should consider the ability to digitize
money, "said Lagarda. Digital money out with its main bank
help in maximizing financial inclusion and & # 39; receive payments like
cheap and effective choice of cash money.

But Lagarda warned of the dangers associated with cryptomas.
"I just want to say, although the arguments do not support cryptomeni
universal, we should be bad, attentive and creative
study. "

Central banks around the world explore how to add money without money
Payments affect their traditional work for cash intake and regulation
supply of money. Lagarda said that central Chinese banks, Canada,
Sweden and Uruguay have captured this change and try to think about how
to offer digital funds to the public.

For example, the Swedish bank (Riksbank) plans per year
2019 launches a pilot version of the digital e-krona money. Sweden is once
from countries where money is used largely. According to the latest research
Riksbank does not use only 13% squeeze to buy in the # 39; shop.

Investments in commercial banks are already digital but they can be heard
although the government is also covered, as the money is currently, she said
Lagarde. Digital money can come in the form of state investment money or
through a census held directly by a central bank.

Converted as bitcoins and others, on the other hand, they are finished
Another option, which means that they are not controlled by any middle level
authority. Lagarde said the fragments were anchored with confidence
in technology they did not believe it completely. "Sufficient management will continue
column of trust, "the IMF leader is thinking about.

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